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by Lucifera

A band from Central Florida formed during the winter of 1992 to bring back the glory of the Black/Death metal genre. They can be compared to bands such as HELLHAMMER/FROST, VENOM & POSSESSED. "We strive to keep the music something fans of both Black metal & Death metal genres can get into." EQUINOX has established themselves as a forerunner of the modern metal revolution in the underground scene.

In 1992 ex-Acheron guitarist Pete Slate joined forces with drummer Stephen Spillers to create the ultimate classic black/death band EQUINOX. Soon after, ex-Incubus bassist Mark Lavenia & vocalist Darkness joined to complete this dark force.

They recorded their first release entitled ANTHEM TO THE MOON. With this demo they gained much respect throughout the underground, and has since been considered by many to be a true underground classic. Shortly after the release of the self-titled EQUINOX promo-demo, Mark Lavenia left the band to pursue another path along his life's journey. Vocalist Darkness then assumed the role of bassist and soon afterwards Ex-Acheron guitarist Tony Blakk was added to the line-up. This line-up provided EQUINOX with the power to create their most haunting, aggressive style of metal to date. In February of 1995 they released the now legendary EP, UPON THE THRONE OF ETERNITY.

During autumn 1995 they signed on with UNISOUND RECORDS and released a CD entitled, RETURN TO MYSTERY. Their lyrical topics explore Magick, mysticism, mythology, ancient legends and lore, mystic battles and the dark side of existence. The next release for EQUINOX will be the long overdue 7" release of UPON THE THRONE OF ETERNITY EP which, will feature a different song on side B. It will be released through SILENCELIKE DEATH RECORDS out of Germany, who promises to make the 7'EP a very special collectors item. EQUINOX will appear on a forth-coming release through METAL MERCHANT RECORDS featuring cover songs by many underground premier metal acts. They will be headlining the first annual Underground Metal Festival in Panama, as well as throughout the East coast. So write to Darkness... as the moon races to swallow the sun, the hallway beckons...