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Interview by Lucifera

Century Black described Enslaved as follows:
Formed in the year of 1991, Enslaved released an epic demo titled "Yggdraisil",which was a classic performance that no doubt helped to build the now infamous Norwegian scene. This creative, complex band features three Viking warriors who are dedicated to the rise of the North. Lyrically true with writings of rich Norse mythology and tales, Enslaved musically mixes traditional Viking Metal with Classical music influences, thus bringing forth an original approach to todayís modern Norse Metal through their mini EP titled " Hordanes Land".

The Vikings:
Grutle Kjellson- voice/ bass
Ivar Bjoernson- guitar/ keyboards
Trym Torson- drums

1.Tell our bloodcraving demons what each members enjoys doing when theyíre not playing music.
We basically like to listen to music, eat, party together with friends, read books and wathc movies when we are not playing. Two of us are studying and one is working. I myself am very much into roleplaying, so that takes some of my time.

2.Of all your musical creation, which is your favorite and why?
My favorite would have to be the track FENRIS on our new album FROST. This is because it contains everything I like about ENSLAVED. Mid-paced riffs, some more trashy riffs, straight ahead full speed riffs, great keyboards, excellent lyrics, very good drumming and a very special atmosphere.

3.Why did you decide on the name ENSLAVED? What brought the members together?
Enslaved was a name that was given to us by Demonaz of the mighty IMMORTAL. We were looking for a god band name and Demonaz gave it to us. We liked it a lot, and thatís the story. The members had known each other for quite a while, but we were playing in different projects. We decided to join forces because we had the same taste for fast melodic and intense music and had basically the same views.

4.Who is your most inspirational Norse mythological character and what aspects of that character do you see in yourself?
My personal fave is Thor (the Powerhead). He represents both nobleness in my heart and the executor of revenge without hesitation or mercy when it is needed and right. But I also find a lot of myself in Fenris (Fenrir). He holds up enormous anger which is unleashed to the world when the chains that holds him bursts. I think this is something every man can see inside himself if e seeks deep enough.

5. Give us an insight into life in Norway and what the scene is like there.
It is not very exiting, but very good living here. It is still a clean county with fresh air and preserved nature. There are some gigs every now and then, and he bands here are mostly working good together. I wouldnít move for anything in the world.

6.What do you think of the music scene today? What bands from Norway are your favorites?
The music scene is growing all the time in the right direction, and I hope it will continue that way. My personal faves from Norway (I may have forgotten some here):

7. What is you opinion of females in underground bands and are there any you enjoy listening to? When you find out about female band, what interests you firstÖ the music or their looks?
I donít mind females in the Ďundergroundí! I donít care much for appearance, I am too ugly myself to do that..hahaha! But of course, enjoy the sight of beautiful (that is natural beauty) female, as any other male would do. But beauty isnít always just something which is bound to the outside. I am as much fascinated by clever intelligent and bright females. Well, well, I did know an underground band once, called Derketa. I donít know any these days..Tell me! I would OF COURSE fist care about the music. That is the least of dignity one could demand!

8. Any last words?
No, not really, check out our new stuff/ merchandise. And thanx for this interview. Keep up the good work, sisters!