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Interview with Kyle Powell by Lucifera Elena

1. Engorge has been around for approximately 9 years. You are well known in the black metal scene and have established some fans within the death metal scene. Tell us what visions came to your mind when you decided to create this band?
Well, Engorge started as a somewhat of a death/grind band back in 1995. We played a lot of local shows and gathered a regular crowd of misfits that would come to all of our shows. During this whole time (95-98) we had never achieved the sound I wanted. The members that were fluctuating during that time didn't understand the concepts behind black metal and certainly not NecroBlackDeath metal. In my minds eye I envisioned music with a razor sharp edge on the ear yet as powerful as a bludgeoning axe murderer. Atmosphere and aggression combined with a coldness unheard of by an American act, were my goals. The sound would be fueled by lust, anger, sexual misanthropy and NecroAdrenalin. I guess I felt since I finally had something that was mine that I could fulfill the blueprints that had been festering inside my mind for 20 years. In the end, it was a learning experience and with every new idea came new sounds.

2. Not only can you do vocals but you also play drums and have played on tour with Mortician. Can we assume that you enjoy being a vocalist more than playing drums?
I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Mortician!! Will had asked me if I could do it in 1998 at the Milwaukee Metalfest when their drummer bailed on them. I had been playing drums in Apotheosis and was just starting to build up my speed, power, strength and technique. I was thrilled when he asked but didnít want to embarrass myself or the band due to no practice. In the end, Roger ended up playing drums and I did security!! As far as being a vocalist, it has turned into an art form of mine and a pure passion expulsion when I sing. And, I do vocals come from my darkened soul and when I'm on stage it only seems natural to close my eyes and sing from the depths of misery that is life. I'm told the vocals stand out DFB more than anything but I know that the vocals along with the music are what make the vocals stand out. I love to sing. I love the power exchange that comes along with it. The drums are more of a physical thing whereas vocals are more spiritual and personal. They are equally ranked as far as my favorites.

3. What bands influenced your interest in the metal scene? And what bands now do you feel are great representations of the underground metal scene?
Hmmmm... I come from the "old school" of metal so as far as primary influences go I would say Celtic Frost, Bathory, Possessed, Black Flag, Slayer, Old Metallica, Razor, Motorhead, Agony Column, Death...the list goes on...and pretty much spans from 1984 to 1989. As far as good representations of the metal scene today goes...there could be many, there could be few. Some that stick out are Darkthrone, Clandestine Blaze, Impaled Nazarene, Abazagorath, Engorge of course, Algol, Bahimiron, Demoncy, The Ravenous and a few others. There are so many bands nowadays that are doing different things itís hard to name them. I guess the true representations are the ones that will stand the test of time. There are lots of New school black/death metal bands that have sprouted up in the last 5 years and a resurgence of older bands coming back to claim their thrones but overall the bands that have roots and have been a mainstay for the last 10 years are usually the ones that further the Underground movement. A few national acts would include Mortician, Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. International acts would include Napalm Death, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Marduk and Satyricon albeit most of these former "underground" bands have achieved a certain level of commercial success.

4. Engorge has gone through many line-up changes. What is the reason for this and would you enjoy having a steady line-up?
Engorge is a machine. A locomotive run by one conductor...which is me. I hold claim to that title quite simply because I am the only original member left!! (laughs out loud) The cluster of changing musicians goes back to what I stated earlier...It took some time to find members that knew what NecroBlackDeath metal was all about. It wasn't until 2000 that I acquired members that understood the style of music I wanted to make and even that lineup has suffered on again off again situations. The core of Engorge resides with myself and my drummer Gian. Overall he is the only one outside of our new guitar player that is on my page. Get the fuck on my page!! (LOL) Thatís what I tell everyone. Gian has written about 90% of the new "Cold Black Ejaculation" EP and will undoubtedly be contributing to the new album as well. Dalkiel (guitars) has also written scores of material for future Engorge releases. He is young and has a gut full of energy and ideas that has brought new life back into Engorge. Desmond Tolhurst (ex-Malignancy, Mortician) is our permanent bass player but due to his hectic college schedule he isn't able to do much with us as of late so we have our old bass player Mitch Coken filling in for now for live shows. Our other guitar player (O.Davila) has left for Ecuador as well. So, the lineup changes depending on whatís going on in everyoneís existence at the time.

5. What is your view of the US black metal scene? What is different and what would you like to see change?
The USBM scene is a conglomeration of children, backstabber's, shitalkers and internet warriors. I'm so fucking disgusted with the state of the scene the last 3 years. Apparently, itís cool to slander and insult other bands via the internet. It kills me because you know you are never going to see or be able to confront the kids that are causing so many problems within the bands. If you can get past the bullshit and all the all the wannabe NS christfuckers you will find that we do in fact have one of the strongest scenes in the world. In the old days, it was all about playing shows and getting your name out there. You did this by networking within the tape trading scene of long ago and playing as many underground shows as you could. You would mix the bills up so different people could be exposed to different music and if it all worked out you gained a fan or three after the show was over. Now, its all bedroom black/death metal bands that are ELITE and or KVLT and only play ONE show because they are so fucking misanthropic that they cant be bothered with the populace that supports them!! BULLSHIT!! It comes down to the fact that 90% of these bands couldn't pull off a consecutive string of live shows if there balls depended on it. The scene has become quite incestuous with the sessioning of members. This may or may not be a good thing...depends on the band. In my experience in witnessing these aural debauchles, it tends to be comedy. You are NOTHING without your fans...yet sadly the "kids' of the scene flock to these KVLT shows in order to get a glimpse of what they heard on the shitty CDR they received in the mail or heard on the internet.

6. What's in store for Engorge in the future? Do you have plans to tour the states further than the tri-state area?
We are in negotiations with a few bands for a short east coast tour this winter, those bands being Demoncy, Forest of Impaled and Hell-Born from Poland. If it all works out it will be quite a spectacle...other than that we are focusing on recording and writing new material as to push us into the European tour scene next year. We have played outside the tri-state on one-off shows but never anything of any length. If this east coast tour goes well, we will then venture to the west coast and in between.

7. You have had 8 releases so far. Which one would you say captures the true essence of Engorge...or rather, which is your absolute favorite and why?
I would have to say that somewhere between the "Enchanted by the Battles of Azazel" demo and DFB lies the true Engorge persona. That demo was right around the time when I started getting the guys in tune to what was going on and DFB represents the aura of where we are going. CBE (Cold Black Ejaculation) will be the release that turns the heads of our fans. Itís in an utterly cold direction while still keeping those trademark Engorge hooks. I'm very proud of it and I hope our fans can pop the CD in and venture into the catacombs of my mind. Dalkiel and Gian have written some incredible material and it really brings out what I think we were on the cusp of with DFB. DFB is what I consider to be trademark Engorge and itís good for our fans that own all the releases to be able to listen to each one and see our metamorphosis. Utterly Necroradical!! Can I say that?

8. What influences the lyrics of your releases? Some of the titles are blasphemic but others are closer to the grindcore titles one often sees such as "Blood...Urine...Semen"?
My lyrics deal with sex, lust, death and the reality of it all. The reality is more frightening than the fantasy most bands try to portray in their lyrics. Fuck the fairies and gods of the pit, fuck the forest and snow queens, fuck the stupid confused black metal lyrics that are so linear in the vein of confusion they are conceived as genius!! Ours is the fire in your loins, the lust for blood, the demon that lies dormant in every day life. Blood...Urine...Semen was the beginning of the insatiable necrolust that lives inside us all...The Order Of Defilement. Those words represented the course of events that was to befall the lecherous lover of the barbarian. Those words were the order of her pleasure/disposal. All my lyrics deal with such topics...all of which happen everyday. You see it on the news and read about it in the papers. NecroAdrenaline cannot be controlled.

9. How did you become involved with Dark Horizon? And do you feel you will continue releasing Engorge material through them?
Lord Typhus Mirinor of DHR and Fog was given a few copies of the NecroInsemination promo at the first RODAE festival. I gave them to him so he could distribute them on his label. He is a cool guy and is from the old school of metal so I was hoping he wouldn't mind spreading the promo around. He didn't mind at all...and later signed us after he sold out of all of them. He liked what we were doing and the harshness of our style. He has been excellent with promotion and wants us to release our new stuff through him which I have no problem doing. As long as DHR keeps supporting us I see no reason to not keep releasing through them. Its rare you find a label thatís REAL. He is very straightforward with me about everything and is enthusiastic about our endeavors. There aren't too many other labels I would consider for Engorge at this juncture.

10. Do you feel that being in the military helped to strengthen your interest in continuing Engorge. With so many obstacles did you ever feel like giving up on the band?
Obstacles? I wouldn't say I hit many obstacles while serving my country. I was in Desert Storm/Desert Shield and all the while writing music. I guess the main thing was getting together with (then) Fragmentation members and playing shows in southern California. Utter dedication to the craft was realized and the USAF gave me the tools and tenacity to do what I wanted to do. Sometimes it seemed they knew about our dealings with the music and the occult (ha!) and sent us away at different times as to block our progress!! I was in Mogadishu (Africa-Operation Restore Hope) and my drummer was in England and my bass player was in Bahrain!! (LOL)...comical. That only happened a couple times. Being in those foreign lands only made my mind soar with ideas and energy. It helped me to concentrate on the state of the world and apply it to my own. Spain, Alaska, Honduras, Guam, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Africa all had their advantages as far as the development for Engorge goes. I saw death, suffering, sex, lust, domination, famine, beauty, desperation and struggle all of which were befitted to war. It opened my third eye.

11. I enjoy black metal but have always found a contradiction between the anti-life sentiment of black metal bands and their interest in the ideals of Satanism. What is your stand regarding self-hatred, hatred of life and suicide?
Well, the moment you leave the womb you start dying. Satanism, suicide and the occult have all been factors in black metal. There is Satan inside all of us. It wouldn't be all that bad if a few hundred thousand people decided to put a pistol in their mouths...but I'm not condoning it. Life is death in disguise. A few of us have realized this in the realm of black/death metal. Black metal cannot exist without some form of paganism or else, whatís the point? It was death worship...says Euronymous. It was about the study and glorification of death. Pain and loathing put to music. Hellish sounding guitars, distorted and painful vocals, furious drum beats. Corpsepaint/warpaint to disguise ones soul to the so-called almighty god. In battle with the skinny jew that is jesus christ...blah blah blah. In a still is very prolific today with some bands/organizations. With is our passion for extreme music and the energy that it gives us. The power of knowing you can crush your enemies, an __expression of violence and aggression pumped forth like a hot blast of cum onstage as opposed to killing those around you. Engorge is therapeutic for us. As for me? I have a strong sense of self-worship and call on strength from the depths of my heathen nature. We all have it inside us. Satanism is like a storybook...paganism and the state of ones mind is the only thing that is real. Knowing you can take a life and then have a glass of wine with cheese afterwards is real power. Knowing you can destroy anyone or anything that threatens your loved ones is real power. Satanism is a good head-turning image for black metal. Real power lies with the demon within you.

12. Are there occult forms that highly interest you? What about these occult subjects have captured your interest?
I am increasingly interested in vampirism and bloodletting. I have found many groups in which partners partake in the ingestion of each otherís blood. I find that fascinating...these modern day vampires. Barbarianism and the black mind interest me. The modern day barbarian. I wear the Barbarian cross onstage and draw power from that. I am a pagan of sorts but don't go around wearing amulets or black nail know? Strength and power from within is true cult. I am a father and provider for my family and instill these strong values within my family. I want them to make their own decisions...think for themselves and never be apologetic about the things they do or say. If this could be some sort of occult ideology, then so be it.

13. Any last words?
Thank you so much Lucifera, for the interview. If everyone hasn't grabbed a copy of Dead...Fuck...Blackness, do so by emailing us at or by contacting Dark Horizon Records at and take a journey with us into our blackened minds. Check out our website at and crush your fucking enemies!! Like Iíve said many times before...fuck off to all NS cumswallowers and the trendy fudgepackers that follow them. Your days are numbered!! Hail to Mortician, Darkthrone, Algol, Abazagorath, Abscess, Clandestine Blaze, Demoncy, Ibex Throne, Bahimiron, Cecile Hansen and Mirinor at DHR!!

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