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By Lucifera

An emotional doom metal band from the land that brought us the most inspiring poets of the romantic movement. Enchantment was formed in 1991 in Blackpool, England. They could easily stand up with MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA. Their biography exclaimed that their music had "a solemn magnitude to things that were previously unspoken". The unspoken anguish carried by many of us is finally put to music. In 1992, they were signed to Century Media, this helped them get the recognition they deserved. The label was impressed by their demo A TEAR FOR YOUNG ELOQUENCE. Through Century Media they released their sweetly melancholicDANCE THE MARBLE NAKED. An album that will never grow old and is the best company on a gloomy rainy day.

The band:
Paul Jones-voice
Marc Gibson-guitar
Steve Blackmore-guitar
Mark Tierney-bass
Chris Sanders- drums

1.What inspired the members of ENCHANTMENT to form this band?
Mark- We were all very frustrated with our local music scene so we decided to form a band to express ourselves, this kink of music has no limitations or boundries and allows us to do this.

2.How did you pick such appropriate name for the band?
Mark- Paul suggested the name, and as you say, it seemed to fit the music well.

3.Tell out morbid readers of your favorite literature.
Mark- I donít get mush time to read, I find I get more satisfaction from visual art. I think this question is more directed towards Paul, his favorite writer is Shakespeare.

4.With such bands as PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE, & ANATHEMA coming from England are you ready for comparisons from listeners? What makes ENCHANTMENT different?
Mark- Comparisons with these bands are inevitable, but as time goes by the differences between the best bands will become greater and therefore, if we are still being compared (justifiably) to these bands then we have only ourselves to blame. But I must also say that no amount of criticism will make us change our music. I think that ENCHANTMENT is different but itís something I canít express in words. We try to play what comes naturally and honestly then our music will become as individual as we are people.

5.Tell us a little of your album DANCE THE MARBLE NAKED and how did lyou come up with this title?
Mark-The album was recorded in February 1994 at Academy Studios in Yorkshire. It was produced by Mags (Hammy is known for work with PARADISE LOST & MY DYING BRIDE), who did a great job. It includes one track from our 1993 demo, Iím not sure how Paul came up with the title.

6.Whatís your philosophical view of life? Mark-It probably changes everyday, but I would say, to just follow your heart and believe in yourself.

7. Any last sorrowful words?
Mark-Thank you for you time you unholy creatures.