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The Electric Hellfire Club

Interviews by Xastur and Jeda
Photographs by Walter

1)Introduce yourself and members of the Electric Hellfire Club.
Iím Thomas Thorn, Iím the singer, I write our music basically throw in my own rhythms and do all the musical arrangements. As the band stands right now, we have Will Han Hearse on keyboards, we have Adam Evol on the guitar.

2)What other bands have you been in? What happened with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult?
Well since theyíre going out of their way to say I was never in the band Iím not gonna disagree with them becuase what they are creating right now is pretty shitty and I donít want to be associated with them, but I heard a rumor that I used to be in that band. (laughs) Iíve been in a few other things but basically thatís the only thing of significance.

3)What type of other music do you listen to?
I listen to all styles of music. Everything from lounge music to Black Metal.

4)What do you think about the current state of Industrial music?
I think that they are truly people that are trying to re-do whatís been done over and over again. There are people out there acting like theyíre hot shit, like they just reinvented the wheel and theyíre doing the same thing that were going on around 86í, 87í.

5)I heard you covered Charles in Charge?
Yeah, Reconstriction Records put out a demo CD of all bands doing TV theme songs. And Chase called me and asked me to do it and we thought "Yeah, we could do that song and make it like this big Manson thing." Itís just like a minute long song and itís just like something we did real quick int he studio didnít spend a lot of time on it but then we heard it got played on MTV.

6)At the Oct. 29th show with Type O, you played two new songs, please elaborate?
The first one that we do is called D.W.S.O.B. which stands for Devil Woshipping Son Of a Bitch. Thatís off a demo movie soundtrack itís called D.O.M.M.O, itís a movie thats done by the same guy tht did the movie KIDS. This one is set up in the Midwest and itís about fucked up teenagers int he Midwest and the soundtrack is out on London records and thatís the only place where that song will be available. The other new song weve been playing is Unholy Roller, which is the title track off the new EP, which will be out in January. (Actually it will be out on April 14, 1998).

7)Whatís been the response so far for Calling Dr. Luv?
Itís been great. The best selling record that weíve ever done. It sold twice as many copies, twice as fast and itís been a really phenomenal response. Weíre pretty happy with it.

8)What are some of the best shows? Bands to play with?
It depends who weíre playing with I mean whenever you do opening slots thereís always gonna be some meatheads that are just there see the headlining band. Type O was good but at GWAR theyíre were a lot of little punks like "fuck you". Umm Danzig, the response was great, really good tour. But at the same time you may have 10 or 12 kids yelling "You Suck", you turn around and sell $700 worth in t-shirts. Itís one of those things were it only takes a handfull to think that the crowd doesnít like you and actually there a lot of kids getting turned on to the music which is why we do these opening slots.

9)Whatís the weirdest story you have about this tour?
The weirdest story is that because the way this tour is routed weíve been traveling up and down. We always run out of gas at the same place by the same gas station. The same guy pumps gas for us, this is in NJ. So they pump it for you. This guys on work release or something because he always goes "Yaíll got any weeed". (Hysterical laughter from us) So we nicknamed him Fendwick. So everyoneís like "Yeah weíre gonna go get gas from Fendwick."
It could be anytime day or night it could be 3 in the morning and heíd be like "Yaíll got any weeed this time."

10)How long have you been a member of the Church of Satan?
A little over a year.

11)How did you take the news about Antonís death?
I just met with the people from the Church, which is were I was. I just heard about it yesterday and it hit me pretty hard, they just released it to the public yesterday. Heís been dead for a week. But what they wanted to do was avoid the media circus and things like that. I think the most ridiculous part of the whole thing is that his daughter zeena is claiming responsability for his death saying she put a curse on him and thats why he died. Things like that. They had a falling out a while back. For somebody like that, that he cared for so deeply saying tht immediately after his death, it is the lowest form of human life that exist. And as Peter Gilmour said, "In any civilized society she would be killed in a public square."

12)Jeda Ė I heard the name of your band used to be a real club?
It was an 18th century gentlemens club and basically it was a bunch of rich guys that a lot of them were members of Parliament they had more money and more power then they knew what to do with and they would go around get drunk, blasphemy against the government, against the God, the church, everything like that. Started dressing up as monsters and bought and old abandoned church and used to hold satanic rituals and get prostitutes to dress up as nuns and have orgies and things like that. So we were like these are our kind of guys.

13)Any last words?
As far as last words thank you very much for the interview. I love your zine.

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