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"And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of Harlots and abominations of the Earth." -Revelations 17:5

Greetings restless creatures!
Welcome to our second issue,
this time we will have more female artists
in this issue for you to discover.

Women in bands have come a long way to prove they too can rock as hard and heavy as any male bands! We can go through many famous ladies who went through a rollercoaster ride to achieve their status of fame: ANN WILSON and NANCY WILSON of HEART, THE RUNAWAYS, LITA FORD, JOAN JETT, DORO PESCH, MEANSTREAK, PRECIOUS METAL, and even VIXEN. Most of these ladies have disappeared and some still continue to hold their ground, it's no surprise, some didn't have enough talent of their own to move onward.

Women in the scene are still struggling, most were ahead of their time… and now there is a great deal of determination in many women to break the heavy chains of ignorance that have held them back. We are now dealing with strong and aggressively outspoken individuals from all parts of the scene: L7, DIAMANDA GALAS, DAWN CROSBY of FEAR OF GOD, SEAN YULTZ of WHITE ZOMBIE, DEBORAH JAFFE of MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP, BIKINI KILL, LYDIA LUNCH, etc… Mean while ladies dominate in the Gothic scene: PATRICIA MORRISON ex-member of Sisters of Mercy, GITANE DEMONE, WENDY of NEITHER/ NEITHER WORLD, SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES, TONI HOLLIDAY of CURVE, etc… And we know there are much more women supporting the scene with magazines, fanzines, cable tv programs like Suzy Morbid's show. etc…

I always wondered why so many women are cramped up in a small section of a magazine, for only one issue a year, and thrown into one full length video and then completely forgotten! Hopefully, times have changed and we can enjoy talent for what it is and not just because of gender.

So, if you see any female bands out there, playing a gig, at least listen, you may just enjoy the music instead of going out and buying another unoriginal tape/ cd just because it's a bunch of guys who can cough up a lot of phlegm.

Anyway, this issue has Nuclear Death, Wormhole, and tonz more, check them out and enjoy. The scene is ours to support. Let's have fun while we do it! Take care and give us your opinions!

Infernally yours,