Soundless Soliloquy

If any of you find the following a tad offensive, I apologize but I voice my truth. I hope you understand- if not it won't matter to me anywayz.

Our society glorifies all those who are from an upscale class, sit on a hill of money and graduate from top colleges. That same society could care less about those from the lower classes who spend much of their lives struggling to make ends meet. I write of us minorities, be it female, black, hispanic, etc. We pay a heavy price in this biased, discriminating world. We come from dysfunctional families or tough neighborhoods (from where few have the strength to survive) where you must work your ass off to make it. I speak of those intelligent creatures who constantly endure the put downs.

In high school no one is any help. The counselors gave excellent advice, to the 'straight A students', practically getting them into the top colleges, paving such a smooth and easy road to success. The rest, who are just as intelligent, as the others ( we just needed to find a way to cope with the problems) got bullshit advice. We almost always got the run-around and were conned into applying to the lesser schools. And we were lucky if we even got that!
If you did find some college that would take you, you found yourself talking shit you don't really need, just to get a piece of paper stating you got a degree. It's a degree that gets you jobs you were qualified for a long time ago.

We, the twenty-something crowd, the minorities, getting doors slammed in our faces, having nothing to show for the hardships we've gone thru. All our plans put on hold, trying so damned hard, though we will get no fucking credit for it. No matter how hard we try the frustration will drive us to major depression and ultimately suicide! Why? Because we try too hard for nothing.

Take me for instance: three and some odd years of college, working so fucking hard to do good for myself, but all I got was crappy advice (the advisors are more interested in your personal life than in your career goals). I was misguided and told degrading things that obviously reflected upon my race and sex (they try to keep you down through all venues). Why do they ask those origin and family background questions in college applications? To get filed away in some rejection section. Oh yeah, they do accept you for money of course, but they know how to hold you back. When you realize it, they've sucked your money and you've wasted your time. Then your parents beat your brains about graduating but they just can't grasp the thought that you have tried hard but got screwed and you get so disillusioned.

What the hell is wrong with this system!? This is fucking bureaucracy of upper middle class assholes that buy us with so much nonsense.

I would have graduated this year, but I was screwed up my ass! Sure I got a job but I'm still not earning top upper middle class bucks. I could draw your death and write off your soul but it's nothing unless I get that piece of paper I'm nothing and nobody without it.

It angered me that Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana, shot his genius away. So much money, a family for what? Shit, if I could get that I wouldn't end my life.

Like a good friend of mine said, and I quote if he doesn't mind, " Money can't buy happiness but with money to get the things you want you'd be a little happy! "
I'm pissed off now…I am ending this shit….

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