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Xastur's Ramblings

The idea of making a fanzine was totally new to me when Lucifera initiated it to my sister Blacky. The thought of creating something which allowed us to express ourselves fascinated me. Endemoniada was created to support underground bands, the left hand path and to be able to say whatever the fuck we wanted. So what is the fucking problem with a person expressing themselves?

There are some people out there, who for some damn reason, canít stand to see otherís be themselves or an individual from the rest. Why the fuck must we follow a pattern or fit a certain mold? This is fucking America, remember freedom of expression and speech, motherfucker? Itís so fucking pissing that in this day and age a person must be aware or censor what he/she says or thinks. If itís not hurting anybody else why must it be an issue?

Everybody has a right to express themselves, but one must remember that everybody is different and they will express themselves in different ways. Itís your right to disagree with something, but not to try and put it down or change it. Nobody has that right!!! If you donít like it, donít read it, donít listen to it, and by all means donít look at it, itís that simple. There are things out there which I disagree with, but I would never try to knock it down, because I wouldnít want it to be done to me. Besides, I have better things to do then to worry about another personís belief or words. Worry about yourself and your own beliefs first. I come first before anyone, then come those closest to me. Iím not going to waste my fucking time on what somebody says or thinks, I donít give a flying fuck, so why should you?

Iím sorry to say, but this world is full of stupid people, we unfortunately have to deal with it. Sometimes on a regular basis. I can give lesser shit whether you agree with me or not, this is something which I had to get out of my system. And what better way to do it, then share it with those who feel the same way. If you wish to argue or agree with my ramblings and you wish to express it, by all means, go right ahead and write it (in our Warboard), but donít try and knock me down for being myself, or it will come back to you a thousandfold.