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By Lucifera

Throughout history women have had less legal rights and career opportunities than men. Women have been viewed as life givers since early times. In history, unfortunately, women have been considered intellectually inferior to men; they have also been viewed as a major source of evil and temptation.

In Greek mythology, it was a woman, Pandora, who opened the (forbidden) box and brought plagues and unhappiness to mankind. In the Judeo-Xtian mythology it was Lilith who mated with and created demons, and Eve who brought filth, shame, and the destruction of a home in paradise.

Supposedly, women give painful births and PMS because of Eveís disobedience to the Xtian God. That is the same reason snakes now crawl when they once walked and according to xtian sources, the snake is the eternal enemy of woman. That is why you see the statue of the Virgin Mary standing on the Snake. Early xtian theology also places woman on a "Scapegoat for misery" level. St. Jerome, a fourth century Latin Father of the Xtian Church said, "Woman is the gate of the devil, the path to wickedness, the sting of the serpent, in a word a perilous object." And still, Xtian women stick to the ones that cast her out! That may sound devilish to you (ladies) but the next theologian gets insulting, Thomas Aquinas, said that woman was "created to be a manís help mate, but her unique role is conceptionÖsince for other purposes men would be better assisted by other men." He must be rolling in his grave now, since women in most countries have made a mockery of his words. Even writers and philosophers such as Nietzsche and Bierce seem to have had pussy envy! They wanted to keep the woman down, to no avail.

In the East, at least women were more favorable as well as in other cultures, even some myths and legends elevate women to a greater status, but in India, for example, women have a long way to go. Where Hinduism sets inÖwomen are required to obey men. Women have to marry whatever mate is chosen for her and if she doesnít comply her own family will stone her to death. And if another man falls in love with this woman that is pre-destined to marry her, he also gets his share of physical and emotional torture. They have a female ruler and she does nothing to change the situation. Many have grown accustomed to being one of many wives that probably get beaten, if she tries to get away from a man her whole country punishes her by burying her up to her neck and then stoning her.

How did things turn out this way? Who made up these rules? Where did balance go? Itís great to know now days that women have a choice of whether they prefer to be dominant, submissive or both. She has a choice of being with a man who wants multiple wives or not. Some women were fortunate in the past, they were allowed personal and intellectual freedom and some made significant achievements. Aristocratic women were allowed power and prestige, there were various significant women of royalty and the most famous woman it the unforgettable Cleopatra. According to physiological studies, women have greater tolerance for pain than men, women are more resistant to disease and women live longer (I donít know if living longer is something to celebrate about, lol). Men and women are not equal, of course not, we can all see that. Women may be able to do the same tasks as men, but both genders tend to uses different parts of their brain for these tasks. Men can be less emotional than women or hide it better at times and of course there are physical differences, men may have stronger arms while women may have stronger legs. But if you put your mind to it, thereís no reason why a woman canít do what a man can do and vice versa.

So, if you ask me what age Iíd rather live in, I would say the present. As much ignorance as there is now, there was more back then. What better time to be a Satanic Witch/ Woman than now!!! Women have progressed to a lot but we should not forget the men who gave these women the support and the opportunities to prove themselves and change history so that we donít have to! This zine is dedicated to LUCIFERI for having women as a partner in crime and to all the inspirational female deities that served as strong archetypes for women to move forward with the strength of legendary Amazon women. Forget feminism, just be yourself and guys will either understand you or not but we should keep the balance and even acknowledge that women are better than men in some things and men are better than women at others and work with it. Ladies, pick up the Satanic Witch a fun book by Anton S. LaVey which he researched with the help of his favorite cohorts, women. It is not an easy for all women to relate to but there are moments it comes in useful.

The role of female characters in movies, history, mythology, etc. has inspired many and has received countless admiration. One can see that when one comes across comic books, for example here are some of the best interpretations of female powers in comix. VAMPIRELLA, LADY DEATH, SATANA, SATANIKA, IGRAT, etc. Then there are those others that left an impressive mark in history and changed the sweet and fragile image of woman, such as Countess Elizabeth Bathory and Lizzy Borden. They have had songs written in their honor and bands named after them.

One of the most inspiring cinematic figures is the demonic, brutal, vixen TURA SATANA! She was in the unforgettable b-movie "FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL KILL" and although it was done by an admirer of huge breasts, Russ Myers, he still gave these women strong character and strength. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that hasnít seen it. As her character, Varla, she was seductive, took no shit from anyone, loved car racing, was ambitious, malevolent and beat up just about anyone to death. Need I say more?!

Needless to say all the women in the underground who have crushed the image society once held of them. Just read through the interviews in this zine with women such as Karyn Crisis and Dana of Demonic Christ.

And on this note, I leave you to do further investigation on your own. Explore and understand that which is around you.
Enjoy issue 9 of Endemoniada!