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Interview with Dan Swano

by Lucifera

1. Give us a brief introduction of Edge of Sanity and it's band members.
Dan- Well, we are basically a bunch of alcoholic psychos with an internal lust for brutal music. The line up consists of Benny Larsson (22) on drums, he plays with PAN-THY-MONIUM, LUCKY SEVEN, OPTHALAMIA, and more. Andeas 'Dread' Axelsson (23) on guitar. He is also the vocalist/ guitarist in Lucky Seven, bassist for Opthalamia, and works on other various projects. Anders Lindberg (21) plays bass, he's the most freaky member of the band. Ami Nerberg (23) on guitar. Dan Swano (21), myself , I have my studio UNISOUND. I play with Pan-thy-moniom, UNICORN, TOTAL TERROR, INFESTDEAD, etc.

2. What inspires your music and lyrics?
Dan- Life in general, I write the best songs when I am happy and in limited periods of time. I write maybe 2 songs that really kick ass then I have to force some songs out and these are the ones you yawn when you hear them.

3. Tell us your strangest experience while playing live?
Dan-Well, we have done several gigs and tours but really hate to play live because there's a spell on us that we always fuck up when we are gigging. Whan the whole crowd was singing along with me on the soft part of "Enigma" when we did the MTV showcase, that was creepy- great feeling! Otherwise there's just bad memories.

4. Tell our readers a good reason why they should buy your album, considering there are so many bands out there?
Dan-I guess if you want a record that you won't use as table protection when drinking coffee, you should buy ours because I feel that this is the kind of record (SPECTRAL SORROW) that's timeless. Hopefully, people will still buy it in three or four years time and play it to their kids on ten years as a classic record. I think it's more than just trendy DEATH METAL. Correct me if I'm wrong…I always try to write timeless music, that's it!

5. Do you have any favorite films, books or comix that you think are underrated?
Dan- Whan it comes to books, there's just one book I'd like to own and that's a lexicon of valve microphones, like AKG D12 and NEUMANN U47, etc.. With odd series and shit. Underrated movies I like are THEY LIVE, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, and THE THING.

6.Are you influenced by gothic music? Your song SACRIFICED reminds me of the band FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM.
Dan- The story goes: At rehearsal, the guitarist Sami started jamming on some SISTERS OF MERCY songs and we discussed the fact of doing a S.O.M. cover, I went home and searched through their records but found no song that we could do justice to, so I wrote an S.O.M. track myself. I have barely heard Fields of the Nephilim, so I don't know, but the only Gothic thing that might influence me is GOTHIC by PARADISE LOST, the other thing was just once in a lifetime stuff. Although, I have all records by THE MISSIONS, but nothing by them is inspiring me to write Death Metal.

7.If you saw a female death metal band play live, would you take them as seriously as an all male death metal band?
Dan- If they could play yes, but if they were good looking and sounded like shit and still got that support slot for a famous band just because they did something to the tour manager I would pretty much ignore them. I know some girls that played death and stuff but they seem to get bored with it pretty fast. But I think there should be a BLACK METAL female band with screamy vocals, what would be more scary?? IIAAAAAA!

8. Any advice for our nocturnal creatures?
Dan- Hello to all American bangers into our style…See Ya never on tour!!!