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Editorial Bitching

What makes us tick, What makes us go from day to day.
Without stopping to think why we are really here.
Life has no real meaning if your not labeled. I hate labels.
They tend to classify you as something you are not. But they stick to you like air -headed,
Fake pre-madonna bimbettes to GLENN DANZIG.
The only way of overcoming such commodities is by being RUTHLESS to all!!

Do you live somewhere that it is impossible to go out without hearing something stupid from some ignorant idiot that stands on the corner of the streets with their "buddies".?

I for one, have moments when I can deal with this but there are times I have to unleash my anger at these idiots!! I live in NYC, you would think people would be used to seeing diverse people.
Maybe it's because I live in the Harlem/ Washington Heights area where the majority have never stepped foot in Greenwich Village.

If they are not questioning why I always wear black (which is funny because I don't always), they are questioning my music. They are usually men and act like they have never seen women before!

Obviously, if they are hanging out in the corner all day they have nothing productive to do! Of course they are at those corners of the bodega for other reasons and no matter how many times the cops try to get them away from those corners it is impossible.
I think they should just give me a grenade and a machine gun andI will eliminate the problem. Ha, ha!

They enjoy making fun of my musical taste, not really knowing what it's all about! Next thing you know, they try to impress you by stating that they used to be into the music, as you walk by unimpressed!
Blacky spoke to me once as we shared out thoughts about these pests. She told me that they think they are INDIVIDUALS but when they see someone different, that person is not cool!

In other words, we cannot be individuals but they can!?! I don't see how they are individuals, they all look the same. What they don't know is that they look, act, and think just like the next group of idiots down the block! THINK FOR YOURSELVES DAMN IT! Maybe it's their idea of a pick up line! Well, I can't pity them if they don't get the girls!

New York is not so cool as many think it is, but hey, if most of you move to my area then they will have to get used to seeing a variety of fiendz! I hate it when they taunt you and then you see them trying to claim the style as their own. They try to dress like us and just can't pull it off. Ha, ha!!!!

It can be stressful here, with every jerk expressing what they think is their opinion of you just to impress their buddies! Mind you I don't even feel that I dress as extreme as the punks do!

I also hate it when these low lives are shouting, "COME HERE!"! Yeah, right as if anyone with a brain will give them the time of day! You can call a dog like that and it will wag it's tail but I sure in hell have no reason to answer to that! I wonder what makes them think I will stop for them?
I also hate it when all you hear is mumbling of " hey mami" the usually stupid noise they make "PSST! PSST!". I guess if you are a woman, and you are into something different, then it's a double whammy! You get bothered no matter what you wear!!

Fortunately, not all men are like this! A man with intellect wont lower himself to these standards, he knows when a woman is interested and when she's not!

Anyway, I'm sure many of you have similar stories! We invite you to the WARBOARD to share you opinions and maybe we can come up with a solution, understanding, and some fun remarks we can share!
Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can not wear! FUCK THEM!!!!!