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The Conspiracy Against and the Hypocrisy within Our Type of Music Scene

Editorial by Lucifera

"Rock Musicís vitality and appeal steam from the fact that itÖproselytized for an alternative religiousness. This makes it a much more potent threat to the established order than even itís most vociferous opponent. Here is the very essence of cultural revolution taking place in America; the rejection of Americaís religious heritage and itís replacement with something contrary." -Robert Piellke

"You Say You Want A Revolution"

In saying metal, Iím not excluding other forms of music such as punk and hardcore, industrial or gothic. This slowly affects each of us. Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Death, Doom, Black Metal and other forms of our music has been considered devil-worshipping music unlike most other forms of music. Except for Classical music and Blues music once considered the work of the devil. Devil-worshipping music could be applied if you consider yourself Ďthe devilí. I wouldnít consider it devil-worshipping music in the x-tian or any other moronic view. As in worshipping a character of fiction who is red, with a funny mustache and a pitchfork, etc. That concept then wouldnít be appropriate. It all depends on how you see it. Remember, SATAN was the adversary, the opponent. Satan represents the old ways of the ancient pagans, the elder views and beliefs once held by none xtians.

When you embrace this kind of music you release yourself from the herd of society that blindly believes in superstitions and you release yourself from the mind controlling tactics of these groups of people. Because of our choice of music and/or lifestyle we will stand opposed to societies views on morality and other subjects that we may not agree with. People fear what we are listening to.

We, of course, must be careful, although this might sound silly at first, there is a conspiracy particularly against this form of music. Pay close attention, in NYC, if you have a bunch of kids playing RAP and one bunch playing METAL/ PUNK etc. and a cop sees both groups, guess who they will harass first! The cops will pass the kids playing Rap and go directly to YOU! Are we more of a threat? Well, I donít think either group may be a threat, but what they are looking at as a form of precaution is stories spewed by xtain fundamentalists that have reported demonic and suicide messages if our music is played backwards. Not to mention that there are anti-rock organizations and they hand out pamphlets to cops on how to handle kinds on the street into metal.

There are still de-metalizing institutions! Are you aware of this?! There was a pastor who gathered a busloads of children to testify that they had been "abused" by rock music! Not even taking into consideration that children are not only vulnerable to what you tell them, theyíll do anything for attention and fun.
Bob Larson is probably the most well-known anti-Metal anti-Satanism talk show host for TALK-BACK, who also printed books about this subject and pointed fingers toward us. And be sure he made good money out of it. And letís not forget the PMRC, who is running for presidency? Clue, his wifeís name is Tipper Gore! Not a comforting thought. There is a quiet movement sorting us out be aware of them.

There are also hypocrites in bands who label themselves " Christian death metal" or "Christian black metal", the second one being the funniest. This is truly sarcastic! They are sell-outs and conformists. Itís annoying enough we have to hear people saying "God Loves You" and "Jesus Loves You". The worst is having a death metal or hardcore band singing and preaching to you about things you have long disassociated yourself from. Then again, if a death metal band is X-tian and sings about all the people Catholic Christians have killed, betrayed, and inflicted any form of pain and oppression on people, then I guess, it could be appropriate. Ha, Ha.

You donít necessarily have to call yourself a Satanist to comprehend what Iím saying, you could be an atheist, a theist, a pagan, a wiccan or nothing at all! Read up on ancient beliefs, now referred to as MYTHOLOGY and you will find that xtainity and judaism arenít even original ideas both are stemmed from Zoroastrianism. Understand that there are alternatives and that you donít have to be forced into any kind of religion!

I canít emphasize enough how stupid the words "Christian Black Metal" sounds. Xtians need to say out and away from Black Metal. Black metal is a form of music created and performed by anti-xtians, pagans, Satanists, vampires enthusiasts, and all sorts of heretics. We donít want any christianized black metal. These sheep totally miss the point of black metal. Not only is it diabolical music, but itís also a philosophy and way of life. It is meant for the LEGIONS that live this lifestyle. It is rebellion against the XTIAN MYTH that has been imposed upon us. Black metal practically mocks xtianity and plays upon the myth of the DEVIL, xtianity has taken old GODS and turned them into devils and demons, black metal is taking these symbols back and adding a twist to them. It is as way of seeking out different paths instead of following the same old mindless one.

Bands like Crimson Moonlight, Immortal Souls, Kelal, Vaakevandring should be executed!!! Why werenít these idiots thrown into the same churches that the Black Metal Mafia burned?? Maybe we should sit them in a cell with Dean Adams and see how black metal they really are.
It doesnít matter how great the musician is, there is no such thing as xtain black metal!!! Iím not saying that I like crappy black metal bands but I can respect a band that may not have the musical talent but have the philosophy of the left hand path. I can respect bands that play black metal and sing of ancient beliefs, create modern ideology, sing of the dark side of humanity, the nonexistence of the xtain god and the fall of xtianity. Let us rise up from this oppressive and dull religion that was once called xtianity, it is now officially a MYTH! For those that donít know the significance of black metal pick up LORDS OF CHAOS and do some reading and feed those brains.
I hate when I see such hypocrisy!!! "Oh, Iím a Christian and I play black metal". NO YOU DONíT! You are simply an imitator with no brains, unoriginal and needs to see the big stupidity in what you are doing.

If you are a xtain into metal, I think you should really read your "HOLY BIBLE" and some history to understand what a hypocrisy you are, especially if you are into the fundamental xtianity. The one you adore, Christ, was simply a man whoís myth got blown out of proportion, just like it happened with Vlad Tepes who became the romanticized Dracula.
I can respect atheists, even people who may believe in some sort of god, but donít call themselves xtains! I know this may be harsh but it just irritates me that these people are so blind. And they jump on us every chance they get and then they want us to accept them but they donít like to accept us and they try to infiltrate themselves in everything. So, if they donít like what I have to sayÖtough! I think someone needs to speak out against them after all, they do like to stick their noses where they donít belong.

Anyway, and about our scene FOR THOSE OF YOU COMPLAINING THAT THE SCENE IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN, STOP COMPLAINING AND START ACTING!! Iíve done my part, I create this zine, booked shows, get people to know new bands, and got people into booking shows as well, NOW ITíS YOUR TURN! Call the clubs and radio stations and let them know what you want! Create your own radio station, TV program, start your own damn club if no one listens!!!! Put some damn parties together!!! Need a little inspiration, look at the hardcore, punk, goth, industrial scenes, they are admirable in that they do support what their scene! Why should some big music corporation be doing what we can do ourselves?! We are our own masters!