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Editorial 20: Changes


There is a time for change in everyoneís life. The change that Endemoniada was involved in was the reason I started the fanzine. Watching women gain better ground in the scene has been a pleasure for me as a supporter of women in underground music and art but especially women who have struggled to gain recognition in the metal scene.

With these changes comes confusion as well, confusion among women about the ideas of feminism and sexuality. These are subjects best left to each individual to figure out and deal with from experience. Someone once said to me that being a women or a feminist was about dominating men. Unless she was talking about role-playing, S&M, or fetish, I disagree. I think itís about balance, understanding, companionship, friendship, and respect for each other. My view is that these roles of dominance and submission are best left to the world of sexual foreplay. Itís also dependent on a personís character and their desire or preference of wanting or not wanting to take on those roles. They should be interchangeable and not forced upon others. Iíve learned that while you think you are being dominant someone is actually dominating you.

When I was younger I dismissed feminism but as I got older I gained a new understanding. If we define feminism in accordance with Websterís Collegiate Dictionary as, ď1. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of both sexes. 2. Organized activity on behalf of womenís rights and interests.Ē Then yes, Iím a feminist, simply by my writings and my support of women in music. This doesnít mean I want to feminize men, nor does it mean they should be seen as lower then women, nor does it mean that I donít enjoy the courtesy and chivalry a man may show a woman. I find that respectful and respect is something I hold very highly.

Seriously, if a group of guys at a concert looked out for me in the pit. I would not be offended in the least. I would appreciate it. This doesnít mean some women canít hold their own in the pit but I feel itís a sign of protectiveness and respect for women. To some women feminism means to manipulate men, then here is something I donít agree with because unless the person enjoys this and consents to this type of treatment then itís just another form of machismo in reverse.

People who manipulate end up being used and manipulated, keep that in mind when you are wondering what went wrong or eventually someone finds out your game and you get totally screwed. A traditional view that still holds true and I advise girls to keep in mind is this, you can lose more than a man when it comes to mindgames and manipulation.

What do I condone then? I condone women picking up their instruments and exercising their right to express themselves artistically in whichever style they choose whether itís the style of Wendy O. Williams (raunchy, sexual, in your face), or a mix of aggressive/scary and angelic/sweet like Karyn Crisisívocals. I support artistic, creative, and musical self-expression. I support the diversity of our scene and a place for women to find their place within it.

I donít support manipulators, drama-queens, and gossips. I donít really care for groupies that are just there for the band and to show off. I donít care for girls that just need attention from everyone. Instead, Iím interested in something deeper and more valuable than just a pretty face in the scene. The women that I have covered in Endemoniada zine-- and some I wish I would have covered-- earned some form or respect due to their efforts were genuine, created a strong impression in the eyes of many and because of their conviction in the face of adversity.

Grrl bands, female death and black metal musicians, backing vocalists, all-female cover bands, writers, artists, and supporters of other types have added to the diversity and beauty of the musical underground. Each individual woman has brought with her enriching ideas and an additional picture of what might be seen as a ďfeministĒ movement but is really a love for that which she encounters as a form of extreme, brutal, alluring, intelligent, fun, and fantastic form of music.

Iím proud to be part of the change that Endemoniada has brought upon the scene and proud to be the inspiration of many women and girls who have found some strength through my words and efforts. I am proud that Endemoniada has been a forum for women to speak up and share their creations and proud that we didnít simply strike out against men but rather shared the spotlight and continue to do so.

Endemoniada has been and will remain a strong part of me and hopefully of my readers whom I have to thank for following what I write and for helping to add to this creation that I never thought would be around for this long. Endemoniada will continue in the form of a newsletter that you can find at the following places.

And I will continue to attempt to update Endemoniadaís blog with any important news. Also, I will add Endemoniadaís Hall of Possessed Women with brief details of some of the women and bands in the scene. And if all goes well, youíre in for a nice surprise sometime soon.

Thank you all. I have always appreciated your kind comments, your contributions, and your support. Stay in touch.

Infernally Yours,
Lucifera Elena
and the rest of the Endemoniada crew

ďGotta keep my love, keep my love aliveĒ-Heart