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Still Standing Strong

I've been extremely busy lately. Work, school, shows, websites arrrrrrrgh! Well, it pays off and these are the things I've always loved. Supporting the music scene has always been a love of mine. I'm totally into publicity and promotion of underground bands.

One of the many projects I have been working on with my cohorts is called, NYDM which is primarily a place (or website) to network useful information in order to create a stronger and more unified underground scene. The purpose of these online communities, clubs, or groups is to have a place where bands, editors, promoters, writers, publicists, distributors, artists, fans, photographers, etc. can expose their creations and talents, exchange useful ideas, suggestions, share upcoming events and shows, basically help each other out.

Its emphasis is on New York Death Metal but one can extend the musical realm into New York's doom metal, dark metal, diabolic metal, deviant metal, damned metal, whatever you get the picture. The point is to Unify and Strengthen.

I would like to thank Will and Randy for making me part of NYDM and electing me Pres. of the NYDM Women's Chapter. I would prefer to simply be thought of as a moderator because I'm not really into hierarchy.

It went from there to USDM-United States Death Metal. Of course many of you know I'm a lover of all forms of underground music so those groups you find at yahoo are mainly a playground for you to promote local bands and local shows and possibly find out more about each other.

I created an NYDM women's chapter for the gals and have intensive plans for that soon. Feel free to join the group. At the moment my concentration is on Endemoniada's next few issues. So many women in metal, so little time to cover them hahaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one taking care of this anymore. Shout outs go to to the following sites: BadGirlsGoToHell, BloodSisters, Metal Maidens, Metal Queens, Le Filles du Mal, Guitar Witch, Female Drummers, Girl Media, Extreme Women in Metal LJ, and others that I'm forgetting at the moment.

Check out USDM: United States Death Metal Coalition created by members of NYDM to unify and strengthen the efforts of the supporters of the extreme American Death Metal scene. And find out about chapters in your area:

March 22, 2003