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Editorial 17

First I want to send out Hellish Birthday Wishes to Will Rahmer of Mortician who is on tour with Scar Culture. If you see a lot of gore related bands in the next few issues you can partially blame him. Ha ha. I have been watching tonz of horror movie (thanx to him as well) he has such an incredible collection. Not to mention the amazing collection of music from classic metal, black and death metal and yep he knows more grrrl bands than I do. Finally, through him, I heard the song by Acid, “Lucifera” that a few fiendz mentioned to me. Acid was an obscure metal band with a female singer and only recently was I exposed to them. Aside from that I have been extremely busy with school and work, my college days as an undergrad are almost over, woo hoo. But I just might miss the intellectual pursuits of college life. Working only part-time at times and having to worry about homework and not missing classes, I know I will miss feeling like a college student, unless I decide to pursue graduate studies.

On another note, I’ve noticed more and more women cutting through the bullshit and making themselves known in the metal scene. We are everywhere, in the bands, behind the scenes, on the internet, doing promotions, creating labels, writing books and magazines. So, I feel that the effort put into making Endemoniada and creating little clubs here and there for women in metal and other forms of underground music has been a worthy cause, all without neglecting the men in our scene. It seems that more and more men see the gender issue as irrelevant, they can look at a female as a musician, an artist, and important part of the metal scene. Sure, they are going to also look at the beauty of many female musicians, but can you blame them. My point is that finally they are looking at women and not just seeing a pretty face but also acknowledging talent and dedication.
Enjoy Endemoniada,
Lucifera Elena