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Embrace the Solitude

by Lucifera (Sept.22,2001)

Darkest Greetings Endemoniada Readers!
Ghouls and Ghoulettes...there are times in life where you feel down and no matter what you do, you can't seem to cheer yourself up. Everyone seems annoying or dumb. Everything simply sux. Those are the days you should sit and meditate on YOURSELF!

Embrace the solitude and try to re-energize yourself...Granted, it's a difficult task, but try to do all the things you love or things you couldn't do because you were making time for someone or something else, put your energy into it. Force yourself to concentrate on that which you wish to accomplish, try ti but without judging yourself.

It's easier to sit there and feel you don't want to do something because you feel depressed. You can be depressed and angry and still be able to create or accomplish whatever it is that you enjoy, whether it's finishing that Dracula book, writing a story, painting your own wacky universe, making a website, promoting bands, or anything you have in mind...even traveling and going out to places you wouldn't normally go to.

No one knows for sure what happens after death, not even those who have had near-death experiences. So try to do something here and now, instead of waiting until later or whinning. There's a lot you can do in this world, it's up to you how much of that you MOTIVATE yourself to do. -and with that I hope you will enjoy the features in issue #15.
Autumn Equinox or Mabon-"Now is the time of balance, when night and day face each other as equals. Yet at this season the night is waxing and the is waning; for nothing ever remains without change, in the tides of earth and sky. Whatever rises must also set, and whatsoever sets must also rise. "