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Editorial 14
Before You Make Judgements

By Lucifera Elena

It's amazing how I've spent so many years into metal, industrial, goth, hardcore/punk. Mostly the metal scene where I earned my reputation starting by making people mosh at a couple of High Schools in Dominican Republic where the students spoke mostly English. Slowly, I entered the world or correspondence (now considered Snail Mail) helping bands and zines get their flyers around and at the same time writing poetry and articles for them, and then soon took up the challenge of starting Endemoniada, as a xeroxed/printed zine. With this wonderful fanzine I was even able to get into booking local shows for a while and getting several bands noticed, when no one else would bother booking them. I'm happy to have been able to give them a boost.

Now, the zine is online, I have my own websites and I enjoy the cyber-world. But this doesn't keep me from fully enjoying the NYC industrial/goth scene, I have been going to clubs since the Batcave was one small room upstairs where people barely fit but yet managed to dance and enjoy themselves. And lately, I've been giving the scene my full support by goingmore often to the Batcave, Long Black Veil, Contempt, Mother (Click n Drag), some s/m events and for New Years I went to Le Nouvelle Justine. And there are some new ones I am hoping to check out.

Sometimes I go to these places and people treat me like I'm new to all this! It makes me want to laugh, but it's also rather irritating. People come up to me after years of wearing my Pentagram and ask if I know what it means as if irritated by the fact that I'm wearing it, my beloved Pentagram that I received as a gift from someone who bought it at Magickal Childe, more than 10 years ago and I've been wearing it since, yet people think I recently got it?! Uhm no, I got it when the first batch was made and then they stopped making them. And all of a sudden before Magickal Childe closed they made a second batch. All I can say is, lucky are those of us that got our hands on it:)

But anyway, although I've always gotten compliments for it, recently people who should have noticed it, at certain clubs, a long time ago when I wore my 666 t-shirts proudly to the Batcave, now they come up to me and thank me cos I'm wearing it, 'the right way'?!! I've always worn it the RIGHT way!!!!

I've also been into Satanism for years. Born into it, probably, but I was aware of it at a later age, my teens mostly. I had already been exposed, slightly to other forms of occult and it always intrigued me but Satanism's down-to-earth philosophy stole my heart:)

Yet, with the advent of the internet came people who questioned my involvment in all those things I enjoy, I can only laugh, usually they are way younger than I am. And they tell me I know nothing. lol I don't knock young people, because I enjoy their presence, energy and sense of humor but those that try to come across as superior and still don't know how to wipe their asses should back off. If you don't like how I do things, fuck off or do your own thing. I'm not asking you to follow in my footsteps. I share what I do because that's what I've always enjoyed doing.

It's bad enough that you have some bored xtians that get excited by the word satanism trying to bash you with their stupidity, much less would I want people that are into something similar than myself trying to undermine my work. I expect criticism, I would be a fool not to expect that especially since I have part of my life posted/printed for the world to see. But don't feel that because you see these things online, that you KNOW ME! Get real, you don't know anyone you meet online, you barely know the people you call your friendz for that matter. How can you say you KNOW what I'm about?! And if I have ever contradicted myself, I have always stated that one of the things I can truthfully say is that I will never say I won't contradict myself (better quoted by the band New Faith), but one changes and sometimes experience allows you to change your ideas and thoughts. Although, I have changed in some ways, I've been consistent with my love of metal/industrial/goth music and my love of the left hand path. Maybe I don't feel as strongly as I once did about punk music and hardcore music but if there are bands that can get my attention, I will enjoy them as if I never stopped listening to Punk and Hardcore.

So before you make judgements, look at yourself, I've accomplished most of my intended goals...have you?