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By Lucifera

After a long delay, here is issue 13! I had several plans of dates I wanted to release it on but what better than this, Saturday, January 13th. I have mixed the old with the new and hope that you will find it an enjoyable read:)

With all this hype about the New Millenium and the New Year, I wonder, really how significant is our Western calendar. It may be a new millenium to us but not for others. I spent my New Years at La Nouvelle Justine, an S&M restaurant in New York City. Many would have found this exciting and partially it may have been but I was stuck in a small space, unable to dance much with a huge headache, as I shouted for the the domanitrix to whip some guy and well. There were moments I spaced out wondering what I was doing there. New Years came and went and I felt nothing. It was just another damn day.

I didn't make any resolutions because I'm always making plans about what I want to do anyway and actually apply myself to do them. Why make meaningless resolutions, for that matter don't make any. Just live, and enjoy life. Enough of my morbidness, I hope at least you all enjoyed your New Year/New Millenium and found something fun to do that night.

Enjoy Endemoniada!