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"Hell Hath No Fury"

by Satana dbg

Are women capable of being more violent than men? I believe so, from my own experience females of strong character and great intelligence have the ability to be fiercer, angrier and more violent than men! Men are more prone to be violent for sport, to prove their manliness-whoís tougher and more powerful.

They are more instinctive and animalistic. They are violent to prove strength and gain territory or to impress others. Women on the other hand use violence as a means to defend themselves, their homes, gain material wealth, defend their children or protect their best interests and they only use violence when extremely necessary.

Where as violence for men is brutal and obvious, womenís violence is more subtle, underhanded and involves lots of planning. Women have always paid more attention to detail than men. That coupled with emotions women are capable of conceiving the most dire and deadly of scenarios. When a man is crossed or threatened itís usually "let me strike you before you strike me" kind of attitude. But a woman who is consumed with hatred will strike when least expected.

Women can be direct or indirect with their evil-doings but they will always get their point across and itís something that wonít be easily forgotten.

Iíll give several examples. First remember our Mrs. Lorraine Bobbitt. She accused her hubby of allegedly forcing her to have sex with him. Now we all know that when youíre married your hubby doesnít have the right to force sex on you- itís still rape. Well, what did our femme do? She proceeded to hack that precious weiner right off her husband, then as a quick thinking gal panicked & said it was an act of self defense. We all know she taught that sucker a lesson and everyone sympathized because she was the victim of rape. Then we have an hispanic woman who happened across some ladiesí underwear that didnít belong to her in her husbandís drawer. She questioned him & he stupidly admitted to having a mistress and then threatened to leave her for the other women. Now this couple had 3 young boys who were the husbandís pride and joy and left in her care when he walked out.

Well, she had another plan- she got herself a gun and pumped the kids full of bullets and sent word to the husband ther his precious boys were all dead. And yet another example, in the film "Waiting To Exhale" one of the stars found out that her husband (or boyfriend, I forget) was cheating on her. Instead of confronting him she decided to get all his belongings, dumped them on top of his nice and expensive car doused it all with gasoline and voila!! We have a spectacular bonfire!! Oh I can go on and on. Most people arenít even aware of the fact that most serial killer are female. Male serial killers are easily noticed because they tend to do it for sport and leave obvious trails. When a women kill they tend not to be so outwardly violent. Men tend to be linked quickly & more definitely. Women are more careful about what methods and tactics they use and have a knack at covering it up with images of nurturing and care that one would never think they are capable of such horrors. This interplay makes women less likely to be implicated in any wrong-doings. Examples of these are when a loving wife pepares her husband his favorite meal and laces it with arsenic or another type of undetectable poison and the unknowing husband eats away happily. She continues to do this over a period of time and the husband falls ill and dies and it is thought he might have had some type of condition. She just totally destroyed him from inside.

Or when a wife plans to get her hubbyís $$$ and hires hitmen to do the deed & she never was at the scene of the crime. Women are capable of the most horrific and deceiving of scenarios.

Are women more violent than men? Hellís yeah!!! So all you guys & gals pay close attention if you wrong a woman cause like the saying goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"! So watch your back!!