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Metalís Warrior Women

By Lucifera Elena

Women of the contemporary metal scene are rising in and above the underground. While people are running to catch the "nu-metal" trend, they are missing out on excellent, talented and strong music by a whole new breed of possessed women. It seems that in Metal Musik, although one of the music scene that is strongly male dominated, women have slowly been accepted, not just as models but as part of the band, as musicians, and vocalists. Most predominantly many Black Metal and Doom Metal bands have featured female backing vocals in the midst of their mad creations.

Such acceptance gave rise to bands such as THE GATHERING, THE 3RD AND THE MORAL, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, NIGHTWISH, and other that have enchanting vocals accompanied by dramatic metal music, these bands have a tight grip on their audience, as if bewitching them with their angelic vocals.

Many metal bands have also gone to the other extreme and have dynamic and aggressive women fronting their band. These women give such an excellent performance that they are unforgettable. You just have to see to believe the angelic look of Runhild of Thorís Hammer versus the gutteral death metal voice she uses to sing in the band, it has left an audience confused and asking if she uses some vocal effect but there arenít any. Other women that can belch out a harsh demonic growl are Alicia of 13 which was an all female doom/grind metal band, Dana Duffy of the infamous black metal band Demonic Christ, April of death metal band Butchery, Ipek of thrash/melodic metal band Wykked Wytch, Virginia of doom/sludge metal band Damad and Cadaveria of black/operatic metal band Opera IX.

On the subject of opera mixed with metal, one amazing band to pull that off was Elend, this female fronted band was not for every metal music lover but for those willing to explore new dimensions. Karyn of Crisis was a fire spirit that also used her own method to create intriguing vocals for complex yet enjoyable music in the vein of death metal meets groove and hardcore. Karyn Crisisí vocals would range from the most angelic, girlish, sweet innocent yet somewhat demented vocals to the darkest most demonic and deep gutteral sounds heard in the death metal scene alone! And her appearance was also a deceiving one, she was petite but she was energetic and strong, and totally wild on stage.

The black metal scene also embraced two all female black metal bands, Ebonsight from Turkey and Astarte from Greece both dark, sensual, and still extremely sinister in their musical brand. Another all female metal band that has recently hit the scene and become extremely popular is Kittie, not only are they young but heavy along with their counterparts Drain STH the metal 'babes' from Sweden, I never understood how they all looked so much like models.

And on the instruments, yes, there are many notable women The Great Kat has been assaulting both men and women with her devilish and classical electrical guitar sound. Sheís aggressive and intelligent. Others that have done their part are Sean Yultz of White Zombie/ Famous Monsters, kicking ass on bass, another worthy mention is Jo Bench of Earache band Bolt Thrower and also Mary of Garden of Shadows. Lita Ford canít be forgotten although she was of the more glam metal scene she opened doors for many female musicians and so did the iron lunged vocalist Doro Pesch of ex-Warlock.

There are so many female metal bands out there that should be noticed, discovered and given a chance. Change is finally here, the metal scene always had itís share of women in metal such as Blue Phantom, Lee Aaron, Hellion but now they are truly breaking the glass window and making a lot of noise!!! Support the women in metal musik as they have endlessly supported the men for all these years!