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Article by Lucifera

This is an all female black metal band from Turkey (Europe). According to their biography they were formed in 1991 by Damia and Ebru. They went through several line-up changes. They have stated that it takes courage to play in their country because of the endless belief in god by the people, mainly they find it dangerous because many people have been killed who don’t believe in god. Yet these fiendesses have decided to continue in their dark path. They will not allow anything to stand in their way.

Their first demo was released in the summer of 1994, it was a self-titled demo. The band was planning a good future which comprised of a lot of UNHOLY music. They despised being labeled as rock chicks and their true feelings on this subject was captured when they stated "We never want to be seen as fucking chicks, we just want to be known with our music always staying brutal, pure and unholy..”

The line up consisted of:
Lady-Tronos Dilek on bass
Countess Ominous Demoness on guitar
Lilith’s Spell on drums.

These dark entities were planning on moving to England and has not been heard from since.