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Interview with MiA By Lucifera

1. What significance does the name Dracena have for your band?
*** The name means she-dragon in latin, and when we chose it it felt like a good and powerful name for the band. Since it's a great mythological creature, and we from the beginning were an all female band it was very suitable.

2. Mia, what inspired you to start this band and has it worked out as you have imagined so far?
*** I guess we decided to start up the band cause everyone we knew were playing in at least one band and we had enough of girls that were interested. Me myself at the time had just quit the band I played in before, and felt it could be cool with an all female metal band. And from there it has just moved on and on. The reason we started the band was to play and have fun, maybe record a demo sometime, so I can say we are quite far beoynd where we imagined to end up from the beginning. If things continue to go well we might even be able to record our first full length soon, and that would be great!


3. Define your musical and lyrical style for readers who have never heard your band? What can they except to feel when they hear your music?
*** Ja, the musical style of Dracena is not easy to describe. We like to call it simply metal. Sometimes New Wave Of Bitchin Heavy Metal haha... mostly we are classified as old death metal, mostly because of the vocals I guess. Some say a cross between Mercyful Fate and Venom, some say Bathory and Helloween. so let's just say that the listener will have something interesting to listen to haha. Not one song sounds like the other, so at least they won't get bored!

4. Tell us a little about your works "Demonic Women" and "Labyrinth of Darkness"? In what ways are they different?
*** The main difference is that there's two years in between, which have made us musically better, although it's still in the vein of Dracena. The other difference is that we have our 'own' drummer, who has taken part in the arrangements as well, and Mojjo's style (our current drummer)is also a bit different than Terror's (the session drummer we used on Demonic). Both demos are very good (if I am allowed to like my own music haha) and I would say that Labyrinth is more heavy than Demonic too, a worthy follow-up, I must say.

5. What are you currently working on?
*** Right now we are waiting to record two new songs for a 7" vinyl which will be released on the US label Realms of darkness this year. We will also record a third song for a Realms compilation, but this one I have no release date for. Apart from that we are (again) searching for a deal and also hoping to get some festival gigs this summer and maybe even a smaller tour in Europe.

6. You've played shows with Ancient, Siebenbürgen and Satanic Slaughter. What experiences did you get from those shows? How did the audience react to your band?
*** What we mostly think about now is how to make a better stage performance, but also some other nice things that can be added to make the show mor interesting. The audience has always like to see us live, even though half of the songs we play are not out on any recordings, there have been loads of moshing and all together positive reactions. our material is very suitable to play live, and the only thing we need to work on now is to make a better stage show.

7. What other bands would you look forward to playing live with?
*** Personally I would like to play with Desaster and Dee Snider, hehe. Cause both of theese bands have a very intense and dynamic show.

8. What are your musical influences and what influences your lyrics?
*** Again I can only answer for myself, and for me are the 80's metal the most influence musically. The lyrics, which I write, are influenced by books, movies and dreams. They are mostly about demons, dragons, nightmares, blood, death and all that kind of fantasy stuff...

9.Since Endemoniada's theme is women of the underground music scene. Please tell us if you see a rise of women in the underground music scene and what your feelings are towards this?
*** It seems like there are some more females involved in bands today, but that can also be the effect of that it's a bit trendy, it can also depend on that there are so many more bands out there now than ever there have been. I think it's great that females also show the dedication towards this music and wants to prove that they won't give up because of one reason or another. I wish them all luck, cause I know that there is a lot of hard work and other things to fight against. We shall prevail...

10. What other projects have the band members or are the band members involved in?
*** Currently Emma(guitar) and Mojjo(drums) both plays in Runemagick, and Mojjo also in a hardcore band called Relevant Few. Ċsa (bass) has made a guestappearance on Vassago's Knights from Hell. Me (guitar/vocals) and our former drummer played on the debut album of Deathwitch, called Triumphant Devastation.

11. What is your goal concerning Dracena?
To play and have a good time with the band.

12. Any last words?
Death is certain, life is not...