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by Lucifera (April, 1997)

This is an excellent band from Staten Island, NY that plays mournful doom metal in the vein of My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. They are also one of the bands who played one of the, "Endemoniada's Fanzine Night" at the Spiral. The released a self titled demo in 1996 with 4 captivating songs that will take you on dark journeys through the sorrows of your heart. I'm assuring you, New York still has bands that can make you hear, "The Cry Of The Fallen."

1. Tell us about Divine Silence & its beginnings & why did you choose this name?
Divine Silence began about two years ago. Our goal is to express our feelings through something we all love, music. As for the name it was invented by my drummer. To me, Divine Silence means the absence of god.

2. For the fiendz who read this & never heard of Divine Silence, how would you describe your music & lyrics?
Our music would be best described as doom with subtle elements from other styles such as gothic and classical music. Our lyrics are that of tragedy.

3. Tell us about your self titled demo & the significance behind the 4 songs. Were there any other songs you had worked on that you decided not to put on the demo?
The significance behind our demo was to put out music that we can all enjoy. It is our outlet of self-expression. To answer your question no songs were omitted from the demo. What you hear on the tape is what was recorded.

4. Have there been any line-up changes since 1996?
We have a new bass player, Matt. He fits into the scheme of things perfectly. Matt has been in the band for about six months.

5. How do you feel about being compared with groups such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, etc. What bands do you listen to and what bands do John, Bill, and Josh listen to?
As a band we are honored that we are being compared to such great artists as Paradise Lost and MDB but in no way try to mimic them. They are great bands but we strive for our own sound as much as possible. As for what we listen to the list is far too numerous. It would take up you entire zine if I mentioned it.
{Take a look at my list of faves in the zine. I know what you mean. Ha, ha-ed.}

6. What do you suggest should be done to make our underground music scene stronger?
I think we need more people coming to shows, no matter how big or small the shows may be. That will strengthen our underground.

7. Do you enjoy playing live? What shows have you played in NY/NJ? What bands would you enjoy playing with?
Yes, very much. We played some shows at The Spiral, The Cove, and other places in the NY/NJ area. I would love to open up for Mercyful Fate but that will take some time. Other bands I would love to play with are Katatonia, Dissection, My Dying Bride, At The Gates, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Beyond Dawn, and Morbid Angel to name a few.

8. Is there anything new you guys are working on? Will you be playing the same doomy & mournful style of music?
We are working on a new demo/promo that should be out in a few months. The music is more doomy and mournful than ever.

9. What are you future goals for Divine Silence? Are there any other shows we can look forward to?
I would love to play more shows but they are kind of hard to come by. As far as our future goals are concerned we just hope to progress and keep doing what we love.

10. What is your opinion about women in the underground scene? Which ones can you say are the most outstanding ones?
I think women deserve to participate in the underground scene as much as men do. The one woman who stands out is Kari from The 3rd And The Mortal. He voice is that of a wounded angel.

11. Are you into the occult? Which subjects are of interest to you? Do you enjoy esoteric literature? If so, which ones?
I am. The subject that interests me the most is Norse Paganism. I love esoteric literature such as Crowley, LaVey, and Nietzsche.

12. What do enjoy doing aside from playing in Divine Silence?
I love to read and listen to music. (Doesn't my life suck?)
{You're doing more than I can say for others-ed.}

13. Any last divine words for our readers?
Ha, ha. (catchy question) Thanx for the interview and your support. Farewell!
{You're welcome sweet fiend-ed.}