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Interview with Brian Malone by Lucifera Elena

1. How does it feel playing NYC again?
Excellent. The response last time we were here was incredible, the fans in NYC are fucking crazy!!

2. Tell us about "subterrainealmagnitude" and how the response has been for this album? What is the significance of the lyrics? What inspires your lyrics?
We recorded 'Subterranial Magnitude' at Greenhouse FX studios in Tampa, with Juan 'Punchy' Gonzalez producing. From those who have heard it, the response has been nothing but stellar. It has yet to be released: July 23rd in Europe on Hammerheart, and this fall in the States and the rest of the world. Lyrically this album's theme is impact: 'subterraneal'= underground, 'magnitude' = impact. We salute the underground with this album for the impact their support has had on our successes!!! Conceptually we offer a variety of subjects as always: natural destructive forces too powerful to stop, possession from outside evil influence, warnings to avoid religious deceptions, higher thought and dark philosophy, magic, etc.

3. Is there another album in the works?
We're always writing, and everything we put our energy into ends up on the albums. We don't scrap anything. There is a great chemistry between us, and writing this Diabolic music is really a unique magic.

4. Who chooses the covers for your albums? They are excellent.
The 'City of the Dead' demo we did ourselves. For the full-length albums we get Petagno. He interprets our lyrics and comes up with the perfect representations of the album concepts. He is definitely an excellent artist!!

5. Is Florida still the death metal capital of the world? Would you like to help in reclaiming the throne for that area?
The veteran bands from the early 90's are still very strong. We're honored to have them as peers. We feel it is our duty to hold the flag high for Tampa death metal and keep the flame burning!!

6. You have played live with many bands. What was your favorite show and why? And who else would you enjoy touring with?
Every show we play is the most important show for us. Diabolic lives for playing live! Favorite tours were w/Infamy on the west coast, the death metal massacre tour w/Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned and Hate Eternal, and the Morbid Angel tour. We would like to tour w/Krisiun, our brothers of death, and countless other killer bands that we're fans of!!

7. There have been a few band member changes from the time you first started. Has this affected the band's direction? And can you tell us why these changes came about?
No, the direction hasn't wavered one bit! The writing core of Diabolic has always been myself, Aantar and Paul. That hasn't changed at all. It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to maintain the strength to handle the intensity of the Diabolic lifestyle. We're fucking determined! We now have a permanent 4th member, Jerry Mortellaro on guitars. He has a great attitude, total Diabolic brother. We've been friends for years already. And he's extremely dedicated and works hard to keep pushing his abilities to the extreme, which we all do! Also, his writing style is totally Diabolic, he fits in perfectly!!

8. Endemoniada Webzine mostly promotes female bands and performers. Are there any female bands or performers you feel deserve more recognition?
The woman that sings for Mortiis has an incredible voice! Also I like the stuff Tiamat does w/female vocals. Dead Can Dance is also very impressive, and the Alas stuff that I heard is killer.

9. What are your goals for Diabolic?
To keep writing the most extreme music, record, and tour!! We want to take this music as far as it can go, then go further with it!! There is a need for metal and darkness in the world: Diabolic will provide the highest quality to represent true extreme metal!!!

10. Any words you would like to end this with?
Thanx Lucifera for the interview!! Hails to the underground, we'll see you on tour!!!

PO BOX 9689
TAMPA, FL 33674-9689