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Detox Darlings

JetSet Jenna Darling
interviewed by Lucifera

Detox Darling is a fiery yet playful New York rock band with strong influence from the glam metal scene. One of the members, Spyder is an active writer of the underground scene. His profile includes:
Movie critic for,Member: New York Film Critics On-line, Monthly column "Along Came a Spyder" apperars New York Waste, and of course he's the Guitarist/Singer of Detox Darlings. The rest of the bands members are: Charles Liss on guitar, Kenny "Hot Pockets" on bass, Johnny "The House" on drums, and glam vixen, front woman-JetSet Jenna.
1. Tell us how Detox Darlings was created and how you ended up with this name for the band? What made you decide you wanted to play rock n roll?
Detox Darlings was Spyder's idea. I was working with the band Young and Fabulous but knew Detox Darlings was a better fit for me. Writing songs, being on stage and hanging out with creative people is the main attraction. All of that is made better by the fact that Spyder and I are married and doing this together.

2. It seems that you have plenty of fun creating your music. What do you feel sets you apart from other Rock n Roll bands?
We treat the band like a business but at the same time we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun and hope our audience has fun too. We don’t use music as a platform to spread our beliefs. We just want people to have a good time. It’s rock and roll, not politics.

3. Why are you referred to as the "super-sexy and scary-talented chick?” Should we be afraid if we attend one of you live shows? Haha
Someone used that phrase in a review once and it still pops up once in awhile. I think a lot of people see me come up onstage and assume I’m just part of the décor, but when I start to perform they realize I’m a real singer who’s there to put on a show. No need to be afraid of anything, except losing your hearing for a few hours.

4. You've played regularly at Don Hill’s. Is this one of your favorite spots? What other places has Detox Darlings played?
Playing at Don Hill’s is always a good time although something crazy usually occurs before we make it out the door! Steve Blush, the DJ, is one of the nicest guys on the music scene. He always plays our CD when we’re there and that means a lot to us. We’ve played on stages all over NYC including CBGB, LUXX, Continental, C-Note—all the hot spots. We even played a bakery one time!

5. Tell us a little about your release "Thirst Thing First." Where did you go to record it and are you satisfied with it?
I’m proud of the songs and the musicianship. Although, since then we’ve done more recording and the new songs are more enjoyable for me to listen to because the production value is better. I’d like to do a live CD from a NYC club because our live shows are the best representation of what we do. There’s so much energy during a live show that is difficult to capture in the studio.

6. Are "Pretty Little Junkie" and "Smash Alley" your favorite songs? What are they about? Tell us what your lyrics focus on.
Pretty Little Junkie will always be one of my favorite songs that we do because it was one of the first that Spyder and I wrote together. I really like the lyric, “up so high that it’s bringing you down.” Most of our songs tell stories about actual events although they’re not necessarily autobiographical. Living in New York definitely contributes to our writing and the themes of the songs. “Roses Over Manhattan” is a song that tells the story of several down-and-out New Yorkers, although I can’t take any credit for that song. That one was all Spyder. “Seven Songs in the Jukebox” is about waiting to hear your songs play. And waiting, and waiting… 7. Who are your main influences?
Joan Jett and the Runaways have always inspired me. I met Joan recently and she told me to "keep rockin’" which was such a perfect thing to say. I have a lot of respect for Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde—chicks who rock. I love Patti Smith too because she’s that fabulous combination of tough and tender. I also love Annie Golden of The Shirts and Polly Styrene from X Ray Spex. Iggy is also big influence because he is so incredibly free on stage. Sometimes we get compared to X which is a nice compliment. Of course, Mike Jagger, Steven Tyler and David Johanson are also very inspiring. And Bowie! I can’t forget Bowie.

8. How do you feel about the rise of women in the underground music scene? Are there any you admire or that may have inspired you?
There is so much talent on the scene right now. Some are newcomers and some have been around many years. I love seeing female-fronted bands getting attention from audiences. When people dance and sing along to your songs, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the chick rockers on the local scene and every one of them has inspired me in some way. We learn from each other; we support each other. We give each other make-up tips. Maybe we should start a sorority.

9.What else does Detox Darlings do for fun when not concentrating on music?
Wow. That’s a loaded question! Everyone in the band lives a busy life. We’ve always got something going on. We like to have fun and still be valuable members of society. Or something like that.

10. What kind of merchandise is available for Endemoniada’s readers.
T-shirts, CDs and hopefully someday we’ll have Detox lunch boxes with a miniature bottle of champagne inside.

11. Any last words:)
Yeah, keep rockin’.