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Article by Lucifera

This band from Italy, formed in 1986, was once categorized as a "thrash-core"band. Rigel, the founder of the band, changed the groups line-up and musical style, the result was death / speed metal but with melody, very powerful melody.

The line-up:
Marco on vocals and keyboards
Ale on bass and backing vocals
Rigel on drums
Paola on guitar
Niki on guitar.

Their first demo was WASTED SOUL released in 1992. Their second demo came out in June of 1993 entitled WHY? which could also be heard if you got your hands on a compilation named NIGHT PIECES III. The third demo I heard from this band was DARK REALITY released in February of 1994, professionally recorded and released on a purple cassette. Finally, in 1995 they releasedIN THE CIRCLE OF TIME a full length CD with 13 energetic musical pieces. By this time there was a slight change in the line-up. Jaiko did the vocals and keyboards while Ale covered bass and backing vocals.