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Article ( re-written from press release )
By Lucifera

Demonomacy was formed May 1991 in Miami with the original lineup consisting of Dana Cosley (rhythm guitar/ vox), Jamie Avery (lead guitar), Lisa Antoniotti (drums) and Robin Mazen (bass/ vocals). They released their first demo in August of 1991, word spread through the underground about Demonomacy and with this demo the band began to establish it's following, with fans as far as Malasyia and Poland.

In 1992, Demononacy began to play shows in their area with increasing frequency, and they traveled to Milwaukee in July of the same year and played at the Sixth Annual Milwaukee Metal Fest. They played with bands such as Obituary, Murphy's Law, Cannibal Corpse, and Deicide. Their set was successful and they got great reviews in magazines such as Kerrang and Raw. Their second demo "Chaos Incarnated" was released in December and was produced by Frank Falestra of Scraping Teeth infamy.

1n 1993, the galz played the Miami Rocks!/ East Coast Music Forum, which conjured the interests of a few labels and more positive reviews from New Times and Miami Herald. Aside from that show they also played the South Florida Slammie Awards in front of over a thousand rabid fans.

Demonomacy was an all furious female death metal band which was described by Greg Barker of New Times as "..three girls who look like they walked out of the cast of 'The Facts of Life' and play hard death metal better than any of the guys".

Unfortunately, they disband, and Robin Mazen went on to play with Impure.