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Demonic Christ (part II)

Continuation of an interview with Dana of Demonic Christ
By Lucifera

1 Tell us a bit about your new line-up. Are they as deeply into your views and ideas?
Itís not really a new line-up. Basically when I found members in 1994, Jon (guitar/ vocals) was the reason I moved to Charlotte- and thatís when DC started an original sound so I consider him an original member. The drummer that was old PUNISHMENT FOR IGNORANCE CD was dismissed after the recording for playing like shit on it. So he was only a member for three months. Then we got Scott who is amazing.
Heís been with us a year and a half now. He also moved from Ohio to be a part of DC and finally about four months ago Jon switched from playing bass to guitar to satisfy his personal urges as well as expand our sound, and thatís when we added Devon on bass.
We didnít even advertise or anything. Everything that has happened to bring the four of us together in this order has been pre-planned by the universe. The combination is great. We all write together and each of us gives 100%. I started DEMONIC CHRIST, but it certainly wouldnít be what it is without everyone. Itís not my band, itís out band.

2. Tell us about what the music will sound like with the new line up. Can we expect the musical style of the promo 1995?
In a way-yes. I think we are still making a lot of progress all the time. But our style was set with the 1995 promo. We just recorded two new tracks conveniently labeled "Promo 1996". They are more advanced than the other songs. We use more harmonies and use a little different vocal approach. Of course, we see it as our best recorded material to date.

3.Could you describe what you interpretation of the 2 songs on the Promo 1995 are about? What inspired Nocturnal Empire and Passing The Storms? How did things gain the studio when you guys were recording these?
Nocturnal Empire is about living in a world that is neither a dream nor a reality. Itís about feelings being twisted out of control- it creates aloneness and separation from anything that is mortal. Passing the Storms was mostly written by Jon so I canít really describe it like he could. Mainly, itís about different dimensions and spheres of the cosmos and the span f life. Itís about the circle of life in different realms.

4.You once sent me a flyer, and an ad for DC why did you use the seal of Marduk, when in mythological terms heís practically the equivalent of the Angel Micheal? What meaning does it have for you?
The seal is not of Marduk but of Zahrim who is a warrior among warriors. In the Necronomicon he is given credit for slaying ten thousand of the hordes in battle. I chose this symbol to represent us because we symbolize battle with our music. We consider our style of metal "DEMONIC BATTLE METAL" The power of Zahrim is the element behind our music. As far as Marduk, I have to disagree. From my reading he is quite powerful, a master magician Ėbut thatís my opinion.

5. Recently, I passed by a magazine that had as a theme women in rock and the women there werenít even worth the mention. Not only donít that they donít bother to site the ones that actually struggled in the Rock world (I think that Doro of Warlock, Lita Ford and The Great Kat had/ have a thousand times more talent than crap like Hole, Alanis Morishit, etc.). What do you think of this situation and of what is called feminine rock now dayz?
I donít think much about it. Doro-yes, Lita-no. The only other current female that I have respect for is Gen of Genitorturers. She has a lot of guts, talent, beauty, and she uses her femininity in the right way. As far as the female "pop" scene- I stay away from most of that shit. I like a lot of female folk singers. I love Celtic music, Lorena McKennitt is great, Lisa Gerard of Dead Can Dance is phenomenal! I like Jewel and a lot of other singers. Thereís nothing wrong with using your beauty to express sensuality but if you have no heart in it or talent, youíre just another whore selling your body-not your talent and mind.

6.Anway, with your line-up complete, will you be touring and can we expect you to come to NYC soon? You have many admirers in NY.
Right now, we are promoting our new tape to everyone. We sent it to 10 labels so we hope to get a positive response to it. We really need to find a good label with distribution in the US and Europe and tour support!!! We love to play live- Itís just too expensive. Clubs donít want to pay shit. Plus we all have to miss work. And no one is paying our bills while weíre gone. We are trying to book shows for late summer/ autumn. We definitely want to come back to NYC!!! Iím working on it right now! Any bands up there that can help get us a show- please get in touch!

7.Are you still printing Denial of Christ zine?
No- I only did one issue when I first started Demonic Christ. Doing a zine was something I always wanted to do- I had planned on continuing. But when I found members- my time became extremely limited. Then I moved and didnít have access to a computer. Maybe someday, Iíll do another issue. I got a really good response.

8. Is there anything thatís upsetting you or anything that you would like to finish off this interview with?
The whole scene is upsetting me. 4 years ago, bands stuck together, everyone helped each other out. Now, everyone is giving up. Itís not over yet. There are some true ones remaining. The underground will always live- but we all have to do our share to keep it thriving.