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Demonic Christ

Interview with Dana by Lucifera

1 Welcome Dana! Tell us of the beginnings of DEMONIC CHRIST, itís members and who does what in the band.
The line up is Jon Vesano-Bass and vocals, Scott Pletcher- drums, and me- guitar and vocals. Demonic Christ was formed in July 1992, I went through several session musicians, until finally ending up with this line-up about a year ago. Our circle can not be broken.

2. Tell us why the name DEMONIC CHRIST was chosen for this band.
I am repulsed by the brainwashing of christianity. I oppose it at all costs. Demonic Christ describes the many mortals who are possessed with Christ, Jim Jones was Demonic Christ, David Koresh- Demonic Christ, Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson of the christian coalition- possessed with Christ and we can not forget the ever so demonic Bob Larson. These idiots are so brainwashed and possessed, they live, eat, breathe and shit the gospel. Christ is demonic in the purest form. He is the sign of frailty and weakness for the flock of mortal sheep.

3. Are you still seeking a record contract and if not, whom are you currently negotiating with?
We just released a seven song CD on MORIBUND RECORDS/ MORBID GRANNY RECORDS titled PUNISHMENT FOR IGNORANCE. Weíre pretty satisfied with the recording with the exception of our old drummerís tracks. Scott is far superior and has added so much to D. Christ. Also, our newer material has progressed a lot in Oct. 1994. We are in the studio now recording a two-song promo tape to shop labels. We will not put another CD out with M.G./ Moribund. We need to find a larger label with enough material to record another CD now- so hopefully, it wonít be too long before we have a new release out!

4. Could you tell us a little about the material that will be unleashed on your next CD and is there a title for this hellish creation?
It is still untitled- but the artwork is being done now. The material still has our style. But it seems even more aggressive, more harmonious, better vocal range, new ideas. Jon and I share the writing, so we always write styles that are different but compliment each other. Having Scott as a drummer has given us no limitations- anything we wish to write, we can do.

5. Where do you think women stand, nowdays, in the underground music scene? Do you see progress?
They stand the same- for the most part, weak. I am pretty embarrassed y my gender. Most women (in America) donít have a clue about being a musician or understand black/ death metal. Men donít respect most female musicians because they havenít proven themselves. Even when you do prove yourself, some men are still going to treat you like a hunk of meat- but you gain respect from a lot of men who understand the emotions that lie behind the music. No, I donít see progress.

6. Do you study the occult and if so, what is the most influential author or occultist to you?
I try to do a lot of reading- I canít say I have a "favorite". I read a lot of different books on a lot of diverse subjects. I enjoy Nietszche, but donít follow the reading/ teachings of anyone.

7. What do you enjoy aside from Demonic Christ and Satanism? Also, what other bands do you enjoy?
Demonic Christ consumes my life- writing, playing shows. Answering mail, interviews, booking shows, promotional, etc. Besides reading, sleeping, and a little drinking, I do nothing but D. Christ! Iím into a lot of bands, some I really enjoy are- IMMORTAL, DEAD CAN DANCE, EMPEROR, MORBID ANGEL, MARDUK, IMPALED NAZARENE, DEICIDE, ENSLAVED.

8.What are your suggestion on how we can try to eliminate x-tianity?
Educate those who have not reached the total brainwashed state. Itís important to be an intelligent Satanist- one who can rationalize with these people and undo the fear of Christ and the fear of Satan that has been beaten into their minds. If we must take them by force then so be it. But I think the kids deserve a chance to educate themselves. With the x-tian coalition taking over our government, we will literally fight for our freedom. X-tianity is a means of controlling the population with a code of ethics- similar to laws. Itís for the weak, and for those who fear death. Using a God as a crutch shows lack of responsibility for oneís own action- It takes guts to go your own way and to live for yourself. To bow down to a god isnít shit! Slaughter the sheeple.

9. What is the significance of the war/corpse paint to you?
Unfortunately, it has lost its significance. Years ago it symbolized battle. It showed that you are a true warrior fighting for what is in your heart- yours. The idea of the corpse paint was meant as a sign of war with christianity/ judaism: against those who are weak and oppose. Now, itís only significance is the battle of who can copy whose style. Or who can wear it and think theyíre "black metal". Itís gotten ridiculous. It has nothing to do with the way we play, the paint has lost all feeling for me.

10. What does the future hold for DEMONIC CHRIST?
We are searching for a larger label with good distribution. We hope to have our 2nd LP out by winter 1995/ 1996. Our mission and main goal is to play live shows around the world. We are currently playing the Midwest/ East Coast but hope to see the rest of the states and Europe through a tour- it will only get more aggressive and chaotic!

11. Any last anti-xtian comments?
The new millenium is upon us. Gain your inner strength and prepare for a new world. The strong shall survive- the meek can take the pile of shit called Earth. Ave Satanas!

Demonic Christ- PO Box 10036, Charlotte, NC 28212 USA