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Interview by Vulgardemon

1.How long has Deceased been around?
We’ve been an underground heavy / aggressive band since 1985! We are only in this for the music and we don’t follow trends, attitudes, or images!

2.What does Deceased lyrics dwell on?
Imagination, fiction, non-fiction, aweful thoughts, nightmares, man’s faults, etc.!

3.Is there anything new out by Deceased?
THE BLUEPRINTS FOR MADNESS is out now. It is pretty much the usual Deceased type stuff (fast, slow, heavy, melodic and noisy) some titles are Midnight, A Reproduction of Tragedy, Mind Vampires, & Negative Darkness look out for it.

4.How are things going with Relapse?
Quite good! They’ve given us a very decent budget to record and produce our new album and they’re quite pleased with our working attitude and approach to the music industry! Relapse rules!

5.What are the groups influences?
Tons of old metal (a/a VOIVOD, CIRITH UNGOL, JAG PANZER, VENOM, SLAYER, WHIPLASH, WARFARE, FATES WARNING, etc) And , ah well crafted music that is true!

6. What about other underground bands which you like?
Nowdays, not many! Some classic like POISON (W.G.), CASBAH, ATROCITY (CT), REPULSION, SIEGO, AGATHOLES, ETC…
Plus new stuff like CONCIOUS ROT, DARK TRANQUILITY, THORNS OF CARRION, etc. Too much shit bands like BROKEN HOPE these days!

7.How is the death metal scene in Virginia?
Quite good! Though it has been reduced (as a scene) to bullshit, due to fake friends and shit talking! ABOMINOG, MORBIOUS, ENEMY SOIL, BLACKLORD, ARGHOSLENT, DISINTERMENT, and the gods, INCARNIS all come from VA. (also GRAND BELIAL’S KEY-Lucifera).

8.What band have you toured with so far?
No one, we’ve unfortunately, never toured! (In 1999, they played a CBGB’s in NYC with SIGH, and NJ’s Metal Meltdown)

9.NYC fans want to know, why did you cancel your show at Wetlands?
I was very sick with the flu! I really wanted to get back to NY it’s been years, but it’ll have to wait a bit longer. I hard the show was pretty lame anyway, so I feel a bit better but we still wanted to do our thing!

10.Any final words t your fans?
We have no fans, just friends! Check us out if ya want a blast of integrity! We hate the lame excuses for bands now days and will do our best to crush the false!!! Thanx!

Special thanx to King for this interview! To obtain their merchandise write to RELAPSE RECORDS!