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Darling Demoniac

interview by Lucifera

Jessica - vocals
Meghan - bass and back-up vocals
MicHELLe - drums
Chris - guitar
Jay - guitar


Darling Demoniac calls their style of music horror metal. Their shows consist of music and performance which could put even Gwar to shame, there’s blood spitting, mocked murders, lesbian vampires, plus they also use a screen to play horror images as they play. The band wants to be able to share their dark and gory intrigues with you and they do it with full effects. The mighty horror show masters, Gwar were even impressed with these ghouls! These fiendz have played several shows in the NY area with well known bands, a few of these places were: The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY Halloween Death Fest with Malevolent creation, Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding, and Irate. They have also played with bands such as Gwar, One Last Sin, Pro-Pain, and more…

1.Tell my readers why you decided to name the band Darling Demoniac?And why did "fds" split up?
Chris: It was something that Jess used to describe someone she knows. We all thought it was catchy. I like it.
Meg: Jessica came up with Darling Demoniac and we all really liked it, I never really think of fds as having split was more like fds was a completed mission and it was time to take it to the next level.
MicHELLe: That's Jessica's story....FDS split because Genni and I needed to go our separate ways (we are sisters) We get along much better now:) Also, it was just time to do something new. I didn't want to be a 'girl' band anymore.
Jessica Darling: It's not too much of a story: I used to call my ex-fiancé my Darling Demoniac. I've been fascinated with the word "Demoniac" ever since I heard it, seriously.

2.I never heard of "fds" before, how long was the band around and was it anything like your current band?
Chris: I joined Darling Demoniac when F.D.S. broke up. I saw them a few times. Totally cool and we even do a few f.d.s songs now. Some changes but overall, totally cool shit.
Meg: fds played its first show in July of 93 and its last show in December of 98, so a little over 5 years. When we first started we used a lot of props but we got away from that for a long time when Genni was singing because she played guitar too. There are definitely some advantages to a lead singer having 2 free hands!
MicHELLe: 5 years. It was heavy, but definitely different. Not as theatrical.
Jessica: I didn't even know FDS had used props until we had played a couple of shows. Looks like it was meant to be.

3.You look goth and even punk but you play very brutal death metal. What kind of reactions do you get from people who judge you on looks alone?
Chris: Well, being a guy in Darling Demoniac, I don't have to hear show me your tits but I think we're as pleasing to the eye as we are on the ears and if you come to a show you will notice that we command full attention from an audience..
Meg: I think people are surprised when they see how heavy we are, especially once Jess rips in, I don't think people expect those vocals from a woman.
MicHELLe: I get asked if we're 'goth' a lot, other than that, I have no idea! I don't pay much attention to people.
Jessica: Really, what's wrong with 'goth'? What's wrong with 'metal'? What's wrong with 'hardcore' or 'industrial'? We're a merging of lots of genres, and we appeal to a wide range of audiences. Our metal has classical and gothic influences, as well as our personal touches.

4.I understand you have played NY but have you played in the city? Why don't I hear about these shows? What clubs have you played in NY? What was your favorite band to play with?
Jessica Chris: We played The Spiral on E. Houston St. on Feb. 15th with BILE, totally cool show. My favorite show was S.O.D, Skinlab, and Crowbar very cool people. We hung out with Skinlab after the show and S.O.D. let us on their bus to hang out, awesome people.
Meg: We played a couple of shows in the city...we post our show dates on the web site and if we have enough notice we always put out fliers...the last 2 shows in the city were last minute. My favorite show was with s.o.d, skinlab and crowbar at the chance in Dec. all the guys were really cool, it was a great line-up there was just a really good vibe in the air that night.
Jessica: Our other last-minute city show was at 169 Bar on E. Broadway. We do, however, hope to begin playing shows at larger clubs through a certain promotions company who shall remain nameless...but we're working on it, definitely. Anyone who wants to book us is more than welcome to! I think my favourite show was the Halloween show at the Chance. That's when my spark was in the air. We all had great, personally-fitting costumes and I had a cane sword. It was awesome.

5.Describe one of your shows to our readers? What can they expect if they see you live? Have you ever thought about playing the any death metalfests such as the one in NJ, Metal Meltdown?
Chris: yeah we're totally working on the festivals, that's a goal right now but anyway as far as our live show, I see people totally shocked when we rip into the first tune, sometimes I wish I could stand there and watch as we unleash totally brutal death metal. Jessica is amazingly evil.
Meg: I never even know what to expect.
MicHELLe: Mayhem. I'm surprised every time. Expect blood and lesbians hehe. I'd love to but they make you pay insane amounts of money to play unless you have a label... hopefully that will be remedied for us soon though.
Jessica: Our show is sensory overload! At the Chance we can project clips of horror movies behind us on stage, and I must say, I do put on an emotional performance. Lots of blood and knives and whips and chains and the like, all jolly good fun, I always say. We call ourselves "Horror Metal." At a show, it's easy to see why.

6.What material do you have available? Are you looking for a label? What do you think about the band Kittie? Would they be competition?
Chris: We have two CD Demos. 4 songs on each.. and we're on a couple compilations, an East Coast Underground Comp. and an NYC comp. We have tee-shirts and lollypops for the kids.. We are working on a deal right now, trying to get our stuff out there, as far as Kittie goes we were supposed to play with them last year and they didn't show up. 2 weeks later we ran into them in the city they seemed cool I haven't heard it though. I don't listen to much mainstream these days. It bothers me that MTV and the media force-feed garbage and want us to beg for more.. MTV LIES!!!! REAL EYES.. REALIZE... REAL LIES....
Meg: Kittie? Meow baby...I'd like to see them....on stage with us getting spanked by Jess...that would be cool.
MicHELLe: I could go on and on about Kittie but I'll keep it brief. They are the Spice Girls of metal. Disgraceful. I have no respect for any band that was put together by a music promoter. It's pathetic what people do with no regard for artistic integrity. The rest of us work our asses off. That's all I have to say.
Jessica: Don't know anything about Kittie, but I have heard that they were put together by promoters, and I don't respect that. I've heard only a little bit of their music, and yeah, it sounds like metal to me (shrug). But I *don't* particularly care for the singer's voice, especially as a fellow female vocalist, and that girl with the "Devil" necklace just reminds me WAAAAYY too much of Scary Spice!

7.What kind of music influences the band members? Do any of you have any musical training?
Chris: Well I've been playing guitar for about 5 years. I enjoy all kinds of music. Mainly Metal. Slayer! Mostly, I'm also into Classical and Progressive stuff. Dream Theater etc. I like to listen to other types of music and let it influence the style I play as to not sound stale and repetitive.
Meg: We all listen to a lot of different music I listen to everything from carcass to madonna. I took lessons on classical guitar for a while when I was younger.
MicHELLe: I wanted to play drums since I was 5 years old. I started off in school band in 6th grade and went from there. My influences are mostly bands like Slayer and Anthrax that I listened to in high school.
Jessica: Believe it or not, I've had eight and a half years of classical French horn, and four years voice instruction. It's really taught me how to breathe. I tend to listen to a large variety of music: lots of classical (choral ensembles and the Baroque era are my favourites; Liszt, and Vivaldi), some mainstream like Marilyn Manson (he'll shoot me for calling him mainstream) and Hole (so will she), others like Tori Amos, as well as some heavier music, but I honestly don’t listen to many individual metal bands so much as I do metal as more of an entire category. No offense to them, but I tend to think most of them sound alike. That's one thing I'm proud of about us: we don't sound like ANYBODY else. We are my favorite band. I am my own biggest fan.

8.Are there remarks people make about the band that you hate and wish to correct or make a statement about?
Chris: Someone was fucking around on our guestbook (at their website) but I don't hate it or even wish to correct it, instead I read on and enjoy how retarded some people really are, nothing amuses me more than someone proving their own stupidity on a daily basis.. :)
MicHELLe: Nah, people can say whatever they want. They can lick my ass. The chauvanist crap doesn't even bother me anymore. I know what we do is good, and it's a hell of a lot of fun. That's all that matters.
Jessica: As far as opinions, everyone is entitled to one, even if they don't like us.

9.What can you tell us about the lyrics of your album. "Unchained" seems like a song about revenge?
Chris: I think that’s one of our strong points are our lyrics. We don't cheese out and repeat the same phrase for 4 mins., we write music set to emotion, mostly hate driven, it's better to hate than pretend to like hehe.
Meg: the lyrics to our songs are about a lot of different things...unchained probably is about revenge on someone...cull the hurd is definitely about killing everyone.
Jessica: Personally, I'd say that Unchained is about revenge, and Cull the Herd is less about killing everybody than about depopulation and social Darwinism, survival of the fittest and of the capable and strong, and elimination of the weak and the lazy. Some of our songs are more obvious, such as Becoming (Vampires) and 99 Fulton Avenue(serial killers, namely Kendall Francois), and some are more interpretive (Flesh Prison, Anesthesia).

10.Do you know a band called Anghell? They also dressed Vampiric but not as gothic as you and played metal. Where did the concept come from or did it just happen that way?
Chris: hmm, never heard of Anghell. When I met Jessica she was wearing a cloak.. :) EVIL!!!

Meg: I never heard of Anghell are they from N.Y.? Michelle and I started dressing up at the end of fds...we dressed up in vinyl originally for halloween and people loved did we...yeah vinyl!
MicHELLe: Hmm, can't say that I have, well Jess is the vampire, I'm the horror movie freak:) It made for an interesting combination....
Jessica: Uh-oh, looks like Anghell is bombing here, because I've never heard of them either, but I'm pretty oblivious to things "everybody knows". As for the wardrobe, what can I say? I'm the token Satanist/Vampire, so it comes with the territory. I just like to look like a Lady. (don’t worry, not everyone knew who Anghell was but we do have information about them in Endemoniada’s website.-L)

11.This is the typical question of Endemoniada, what is your opinion of the state of women in the underground scene? There are a lot of female bands making it out of the underground.
Chris: I've been noticing a lot of female musicians lately at least one in a band. I think it's awesome, nothing is better than metal... except a chick playing metal.. totally sweet.. :)
Meg: I think its becoming more accepted that girls can play heavy music although a lot of people still don't expect it to be as heavy as the guys.
MicHELLe: It's about fucking time! I don't know why more women aren't makes no sense to me.
Jessica: Women in metal are great, and we're the best.

12.What are the goals for Darling Demoniac?
Chris: What I really want is get a full-length album and have it available everywhere. I just want to get our shit out there. So people can judge for themselves...
Meg: Our short term goals are to get signed to a label and release a full length CD and tour of course. We would also love to get overseas.
MicHELLe: World domination, and good album sales:) Seriously, I'd like to put out a full length and tour. That's the next goal I think.
Jessica: World domination sounds good to me! Along with wealth and adulation...oh, and making really good music, and having a great time, too!

The band can be contacted by emailing:

Darling Demoniac
P.O. Box 3684
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Web site: