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Lord Ahriman of
Dark Funeral

Interview by Xastur and Vulgardemon
This interview took place at Downtime in NYC.

1)What do you think of N.Y.?
Its a beautiful town. Itís exciting to see these kind of huge buildings and stuff. We donít have that shit at home. We have two huge building and their in the same streets, their pretty big, but, I mean here everything is so massive, there are skycrapers everywhere...

2)Are you still proud of the Secrets of the Black Arts?
Yes, but not as much as I was before we recorded the new album. Weíve just recorded a new album and that the best album we ahve out and weíre very satisfied with this new album.

3)Tell us about your experience when you toured with Lord Belial and Luciferion?
Well there was supposed to be a tour but there wasnít, we were supposed to make twelve gigs and only made three. X-We heard there were several problems, caused by your satanic image. I like to be concrete with what I do and with what I say. I like to be very straight forward with whatever i do. Some people canít handle it. X-What type of response do you get? Because I know you guys like to use face paint and blood on stage. Our fans know us that way. They like it, thats Dark Funeral, were doing what we have to do. I donít care if someone doesnít like it, fuck them! I donít care about their fucking little lives.

4)Vulgardemon Ė What do you think of the black metal scene right now in Sweden? What bands do you consider true to their word?
Well its hard to say because Iím not in touch with these bands now a days. A couple of years ago I was in touch with most of the bands but, I donít have time for that these days, Iím not interested to be in touch with them.

5)Which music channels actually show your video The Secrets of the Black Arts?
MTV, Public broadcasting, as fas as I heard its a big success, Swedish channels. People from around the world tell me theyíve seen the video.

6)Who writes the lyrics?
On the new album, its the new vocalist Anthrogomoris Caligula (i think) who wrote most of the lyrics. X-How do you get your ideas for the lyrics? Its what is in my head. Iím a guitarist, I prefer to play music. I donít consider myself a good writter. Thatís not my cup of tea, I prefer the music.

7)In our war against X-tianity what strategies do you have? Do you have a battle plan?
Youíll see! V-What about Judaism? All the holy religions must go down. Must destroy it.

8)Are you still dealing with NO FASHION records? Are you satisfied with them?
Yes, Iím very satisfied.

9)How have you gotten along with Usurper on this tour?
Theyíre cool guys. Everything was good. X-You guys are leaving right after tonights show. Yeah, we decided to cancel the rest of the tour. X-How Come? Everything sucks. Everything has just like fallen apart on us, the conditions and everyting else we were promised in the begining. At the moment were fucking driving 9 people in a cargo van without seats, I mean we canít excpet it, and we canít continue the tour for a couple of more weeks in these conditions.

10)V-Who do you think can compare with Dark Funeral, like Emperor or Marduk, when it comes to velocity?
I would say Dark Funeral are the best. I still like those bands, but Dark Funeral can blow them away. Weíre going to show it to you!

11)I gotta know, anything funny happened on the tour? Cause one of the guys from Usurper was telling me some sick shit you guys have been doing.
Secrets. Those are secrets.

12)Any last comments?
Support the war against Christianity!