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Interview with Karyn Crisis CRISIS
Interview by Lucifera

"The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."
-Antonio Gramsci,the prison notebook

Crisis first band biography was eye catching, here it is repeated exactly as it arrived to us:

"Crisis- A woman's scream against a wall of uncompromising sound. A scream that rams its head against that wall and at the same time climbs over the top and claims those solid musical structures as her conquered prison cell.

It is this struggle for cathartic release that can either bring about murder, madness, and utter destruction; or as in the case of CRISIS, it can bring about a force of positive energy that is their music.

With an it's-time-to-take-over-and-be-heard mindset, CRISIS and their music are scathingly unmerciful in their reaction against the mediocrity and conformity that dominate the music world of regurgitated, male-dominated already-done-befores.

The gender conflicts, the good and the evil, the burning and the rebuilding, this band's crisis consists of all this… from the minds of musicians whose work comes truly tearing out of their souls."

With this began Crisis career and dark beauty. Their first demo was called "home" and was produced and engineered by Steve McAllister. Steve McAllister has also worked with Swans, Prong, and Corrosion of Confomity.

When the band was first exposed to Endemoniada's crew the following fiendz where creating Crisis:

Karyn Crisis- She once performed for industrial bands Mangle Dorothy and Thistle, she is a trained violinist and she has played guitar using kitchen utensils. She is the dynamic vocalist of this band.

Afzaal Nasiruddeen-played for the industrial /metal outfit Stalwart and a band called Fungal Power. He plays guitar and other talents include architect, dj, sufi.

Gia Chuan Wang-performed with Stalwart before ending up with Crisis. He is a student of classical music, plays bass guitar and also plays trombone in various symphony orchestras.

Fred Waring-This jazz / metal drummer, percussionist previously played with Stalwart, Distorted Youth, and Scream Machine. He was also the bands survivalist and arms dealer.

How would you categorize your musical style?
Karyn- I don't know how to categorize our music, because we're not trying to imitate a certain type of music - our music is more a reaction to our life experience. The music dictates to us the sound, and we leave ourselves open to it's creation. People have described us as metal, thrash, grindcore and industrial and none of the above. We have elements of different types of music.

What are your main influences?
Karyn- There aren't any specific bands that influence our music, per se. Afzaal listens to a lot of industrial, traditional Pakistani music, Fred likes a lot of stuff from OVERKILL to JETRO TULL, Gia likes metal but also plays classical music and I used to play ambient noise and folk stuff and didn't listen to metal until I met these guys about a year ago.

Tell our fiendz and fiendesses what makes Crisis different from other bands?
Karyn- Crisis is, in a sense, the music of the disintegration and chaos of the world. We're a reflection of not so much the political disintegration, but more one of personal rage, mental decay and many other 'morbid symptoms' that emerge in a time of struggle, or crisis.

What are Crisis lyrical influences?
Karyn- As the lyricist, I must mention that I'm a comic book addict. The lyrics are all about fear, paranoia, mental decay, hatred, death, ghost, persecution, violation, etc., but I try to look at these states of being through the eyes of a character. A story naturally develops around each emotion or state. With each song I try to create a little dark comic book in my head.

Describe Crisis live.
Karyn- The music is a trobbing wall of sound. Live, we tend to bludgeon unsuspecting people like a battering ram, ripping up ears with sonic knives. The songs are about negative feelings, but the power we generate is so cathartic!!

What has been your strangest experience while playing live?
Karyn- As for strange experiences live…we played a straight edge show in Connecticut (?!) and at first everyone was really hostile towards us, but when we started playing , a big pit started. I jumped down in it and to my surprise the guys formed a circle around me so I couldn't get hurt. However, I ended up smashing my own face on the microphone, leaving me with a bruised cheek and a split lip.

Crisis, in the beginning.

"Since you couldn't reach nirvana, CRISIS shall scar your future tresspasses."