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By Lucifera

1.What are the official members of CRIMSON MOON & what inspired the beginning of C.M.?
I and Nocturnal Overlord are the only official members. A lust to create dark music is why the CRIMSON MOON ascended the 1994 Winter Skies.

2.For those who have not heard C.M. what words would you use to lure them to experience your creation?
ÖA violent pacification.

3.Can you share the re-occurring dream that inspired the name CRIMSON MOON? Do dreams have an important significance to you?
It was what I hope to be a prophetic dreamÖ of the end of the world.

4.You are deeply into the occult subjects. Which is the one you mostly connect with & why? Is there any place out on California that you visit & seems to have very magnetic powers?
I am mostly into the astral and related subjects. I know of many places I feel particularly drawn to simply because of the setting. I have been to about 4 different spots that where abundant with mysticism, one of which I am definitely convinced is the dwelling of a spirit/ghost. Most of these places are unusual places in the mountains or desert. I know of some hills in the high desert where hundreds of Indians were massacred. Though Iím a practitioner of Magick. I donít go for most new age bullshit but I have to say, when you go & walk around on the rocks where the Indians were actually massacred, especially at night, there is a definitely an unmistakable energy you feel, it is very strong & chaotic in feeling. Quite an interesting place to visit.

5.Tell is about your older demo, will it be repressed & under what title?
The 1994 CRIMSON MOON demo was very poorly circulated & suffered from poor quality sound. I have recently re-mastered the master tape so it will be available now with an improve but raw sound. It is self-title & features earlier versions if Veins of Immortality, Transcend to Darkness, intro/ instrumental Into the Nocturnal Forest & outro Perpetual Bleeding. Not a good representation of the band but it does have the bare essence of C.M. It will be available through me for $4.

6.What influenced your lyrics & music on TO EMBRACE THE VAMPYRIC BLOOD? Do you enjoy the exposure the world of vampires has gotten or do you prefer it to be more esoteric?
My lyrics deal with everything from, of course, Vampyrism to Necromancy, Demonology, Tiamat, Hekate, & blood ritual. They will of course be included in the C.D.

7.You also do other projects such as AKRABU & you planned on releasing a fanzine VICTORY CHALICE. How do you find time to do these & what is in the works? I spend most of my time on CRIMSON MOON & AKRABU as well as my latest project SABNACK. In my spare time I am compiling VICTORY CHALICE but I donít seem to have much spare time so the zine has been on hold for quite some time. I will work with a partner on this so it will go easier. I suppose I sacrifice doing many of the typical normal things for amusement to spend on my workings.

8.What is your opinion of females of the underground or other majestic female entities? Could you name some?
Of course I wish the abundancy was better, but I am quite fond of females getting involved within the scene as well as females musicians/vocalist. I could name many majestic goddesses such as LILTH, HAKATE, ERSHKIGAL, ATARTE, FREVA, etc, etc.

9.Do you agree that black metal has become a trend? If this were true, would you move to something different of stand by it? Other than black metal, what else do you listen to?
If so not a very big one. I donít care about it anyway. Iíll keep playing what I play until I get sick of it. IF I get sick of it. Not change with the trends, I listen to anything DARK from Gothic, ambient, darkwave to classical & soundtracks. Unique bands such as DEAD CAN DANCE/Lisa Gerard, THIS ASCENSION, DEVIL DOLLS, MORS, SIMPLICTICA, WOMEN OF THE SS, LYCIA, DIE, VERBANTEN KIDER EVAíS, S. AETURNUS, & others.

10.Any last vampyrik words?
Infernal Blessings unto Thee for this interview & the actions you have taken within the scene, may the blood of KINGU boil within your veins! CRIMSON MOON AVE CALIX SANGUINIS!!!!!