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Core Device

Interview by Lucifera Elena

New Jersey seems to have a steady growth of metal bands one of these is the band Core Device a unique band with serious musicianship, created during September of 1996 in NJ, USA and founded by Patrick Kehoe, Daniel D. and Tim Protsman. They strongly promote their music to the underground minions and they have played shows in New Jersey at THE STONE PONY, OBSESSIONS NITE CLUB, CLUB BENE, and IMAGES. Outside of NJ they have played the ADIRONDACK NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL in NY in July 1998 and at the infamous POWERMAD FESTIVAL in Baltimore Maryland that August.

Their releases include:
"Raped" 1997
"God and Man" EP 1998-99

The line up:
Tony N. –guitars
Patrick K. -guitars
Daniel D.- vocals
Marty W. -bass
Tim P.- drums

1. First of all, how did you guys meet and who decided on the name Core Device? What significance does it have for you?
Well, it was me and the guitarist (Dan and Pat) who knew each other first. We were in a band together named Anosist. Then Pat knew Tim, I knew Marty and Tony fell from the sky. As far as the name went, me and Tim had a direction we wanted the name to go, and after days of mind racking, he had core, I had device. It means that music is the center of my existence, it drives me to be what I am.

2. It's obvious that you have acquired great reviews from several magazines and fanzines but what about response from the audience?
Well we are really more a live band then studio band. So if you like the CD and you come to the show, you should be more pleased afterwards. We get the moshing crowd, the intellectual brain crowds, and the crazy kids that freak out, but all in their own way treat us great.

3. Did any of you play in other projects before forming Core Device? If so, which ones?
Well as I mentioned before me and Pat were in Anosist, Tim was in a few bands, don't remember the names, Marty really wasn't in a real band and Tony, well, he was a band whore, never finding one that pleased him, till Core Device.

4. Tell us about your 1997 release "Raped", what significance did the lyrics and music in that album have for you? What was it about to you?
My lyrics are real to me, they are pieces of the past, present, or future that I pluck from the astral planes. Each song has a piece that rings to me, and I write about it. The song "raped" was set in an older time, where I do not know. A peasant girl was taken from the town that surrounds the kings quarters, and brought to the depths of the castle. She was there for the pleasure of worthless priests, and workers of the castle. After being raped more times then she can remember, she thankfully passes away. Her sprit returns and rapes all who transgressed upon her. What I loved about this song is I don't tell this story in the way I just did, but I feel other hear it and see it.

5. Tell us about your EP, "God and Man", what does that title signify to you? What can readers expect to hear when they listen to this album?
Well, I'm a firm believer in the human sprit and I think waiting for an all mighty is weak and I don't think the bible is what it is supposed to be. It's sad, angry, thoughtful and interesting, listen.......

6.What was your favorite club/venue to play at and why? Any odd experiences while playing live?
We used to have a bunch but over time they have gone. Now I'm trying to get a label to support us so we can play even more places and find new favorites. Odd time was at the Birch Hill, I was going nutz on stage as I always do, I jumped off the drum riser and just then my guitarist moved right into my path. So I stuck out my leg to bounce me the other direction and snap, my knee snapped. On stage in pain I both fixed my leg straight and finished that song but that was it, I was in PAIN>>>>(Lucifera: ouch!)

7. You've played along side bands like Iced Earth, My Own Victim, Mercyful Fate, and Nevermore. What other bands would you enjoy playing with live?
The gambit I guess, no fav just bands that are heavy and put on as good a show as we do.

Are there any band that you might feel uncomfortable doing a show with?
The too Prog for my own good bands annoy me, they are way too anal and think way too much of themselves.

8. Can you give us an idea of what bands or type of music each member is into?
Sure, Pat is into the popular hard rock/metal ( guns, zak, ozzy, pantera, etc..) I'm into so much, black metal, death metal, doom metal, old school, power, Symphony X and Classical. Marty is into Metal, metal, raise your fist into the air stuff and into the black metal as well. Tony likes Megadeth, and is into that style, guitar driven music. Tim likes Fear Factory, and Pantera. He's into anything that has drums.

9.What do you love and hate about New Jersey? Is is easier for a band to make it in NJ than in NY in your opinion?
I think NY has it a little easier because there are more people there. The sheer numbers adds to the odd of a good show or someone important seeing you. I have a Love/hate affair with NJ. It is beautiful and magical and it's filled with...


10. What are the goals for Core Device? What release are you working on now?
Well, to get signed by a company that can tour us, we know if we get to do the shows, the fans will come. Our newest CD, Which I wanted to send to you but we lost your address, or we sent it and we don't know yet, is really good and I want people to hear our newest stuff. (Lucifera-hmm I think I reviewed it in this issue?)

11.What inspires your lyrics for each album?
The magic that is in the air, we all can see but few ever do...

12. My webzine, Endemoniada, covers women of the extreme underground scene? Do you see more women enjoying your music and attending your shows? How does that make you feel? Are there any female bands or female performers you enjoy?
Fans are fans, and I do see more women coming to our shows, I wonder what songs of ours they like sometimes but they do seem to be a loyal part of our fan base. I really like Nightwish and the new singer for Arch Enemy, MY GOD, where did that girl learn to shrill like that. I think that the voice is like any other instrument, mixed with everything, it all sounds great.

13. Anything else you wish to add?
We’re looking for a label so if anyone dig us, spread the word. Thanks for being really cool.

website: www.
PO Box 305, Middletown, NJ 07748