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Interview with Gian
By Vulgardemon

Before we begin with this interview I would like to share something funny with my readers. This interview took place a little before Cradle of Filth played at Tramps in NYC, when Vulgardemon took on the mission of interviewing these lads he was met with shouts form the band saying "Hey thereís the guy from MOONSPELL, letís beat him up!!" Fortunately, for us, Vulgardemon was able to prove that he wasnít one of the guys from MOONSPELL. And after a few jokes he was able to conduct this interview for you. And now, letís rock the cradle. Also, in case any of you didnít know, sometime after this interview Cradle of Filthís drummer, Nick, left the band to play in Dimmu Borgir and then Borknagar.-Lucifera

1. First of all tell our readers how well Cruelty and The Beast is doing?
Gian: Itís actually shocking, received by the media success. Following DuskÖ and all that. The whole world is waiting to know how the new songwriting will be without the old members of the band that wrote Dusk. It was a personal thing for us how people would react. It was with all of us writing this time, the new line up, we took influence from every previous Cradle album and really got into it and thatís how we identify COF is no longer comprised of just people its an entity on to itself and you have to catch on to the harness. So, thatís what we did on CrueltyÖ, itís been selling well all over the world.

2. Any newer material coming out soon?
Gian: We are re-releasing Cruelty.. on a Celtic cross CD (already out-L). we have a few extra tracks for that ok, and one of them is a different version of Lustmord and Wargasm. But we think itís heavier than the one on the previous album, a different version all together and also dare I say a techno track but itís total underground sounding which we did for a laugh. Black metal by Venom, you can get it on import at the states and we are writing stuff for a new album as well.

3. What influences Cradle of Filthís music? Do you consider yourselves black metal?
Gian: Well, our sound would be described as metal to simplify fuckiní complications cause itís really heavy isnít it? I mean, itís black (metal) but we are not within the boundaries set of set standards say by like the Scandinavian scene or even the European scene now. Itís black metal, itís going to be this, and itís going to be that. We do what the fuck we want really.

4.Where did you find new keyboardist Lecter?
Gian: I met Lecter about 5 years ago or something when I lived up in Yorkshire, North England, when he was playing in a band called Ship of Fools and he was a god musician, he helped out for awhile eventually we wanted to keep him and he wanted to stay. He also played for Anathema.

5. Any bigger bands you would like to tour with?
Gian: Uhmm, thatís a hard question because weíve toured with big bands before, but any particular band we would like to tour with would have to suck cause we are a hard act to follow. I do mean that cause we are an all around assault. I mean what do you do visually to blow us away. The only band I can think of, wait (he calls for Dani) I need help for this question. (Tells Dani) What big bands would we like to tour with?
I really donít know.
Dani: Danzig
Gian: Yes, Danzig. We were chatting with him, he was really cool! (REALLY! ĖL) Um, Manson, Marilyn Manson, cause they are musically different and heís changed his image now, heís changed his image he looks totally different.
Dani: Slayer
Gian: Slayer, maybe.
Vulgardemon: Cool, alright!

6.Does it bother you that Hecate Enthroned sound very familiar to you guys? Have you heard the new Hecate Enthroned? What do you think?
Dani: Theyíre shit! (ooh do I see a mud wrestling fight between Dani and Hecate Enthroned?-L)
Vulgardemon: Have you heard the new Hecate Enthroned?
Gian: No, well they can play tunes and stuff.
Vulgardemon: I thought it was ok but it sounded quite similar to COF.

7. Being that females grace you album covers and shirts, do you like any underground female artists? Black metal or not?
Gian: I donít know of any black metal female groups maybe Dan might. (shame on you, we will throw you in a dungeon where only female artists play and you shall learn, thereís Astarte to begin withÖ- L)

8. I noticed that C.O. F. have grown vastly and some people claim that your image is a joke. What do you make of this?
Gian: Yea, I think itís fuckin funny, every morning I look myself in the mirror and Iím shitting myself laughing, yea image is a joke. We wear what we want, we donít dress to please anyone else, we do it for ourselves, call it a joke. Yea, I wear dresses and Nick wears little charles panties. (laughter) What do you mean, Joke/ Image? Vampire thing?
Vulgardemon: Yea, people for instance in the black metal (early) like Mayhem, Marduk, have a certain image and if the band gets too popular they sell out.
Gian: Well look what weíve done and which isnít a crime, we have records, and people buy our stuff. That made us popular. What do you say tell people Ďdonít buy our recordsí!

9.Do you have trouble with certain laws in certain countries regarding your material?
Gian: Oh yeah, in England, people are arrested for wearing our shirts in America even. The court cases, basically, the world over where ever there is monotheistic domination. They are going to be oppressed and frightened by it, so it is a way of making a political stand and anybody who feels like supporting that cause yeah wear one of our T-shirts.

10.What do you think of the overall metal scene now compared to the 80ís? Do you think itís better or worse?
Gian: Well, you see it is better and itís worse because the 80ís metal had that energy, everybody was mad about it. 90ís sounding metal the way we like it is much more fuckiní heavy, and weíve got that retro thing, for the 80ís back when it was really excellent to go to gigs. When there were thousands of people, it was bigger than it is now!
Vulgardemon:Does Cradle of Filth play a big part in the metal scene?
Gian: I would hope so!

11. Do you think the murders and the church burnings in Norway help push Cradle of Filth forward? Would you give them credit?
Gian: Yea, we did give them credit, years ago those black metal bands awakened the world to a new culture thatís been done. Something fresh has to be done now, yeah credit for where it was due.

12. What underground bands do you think need more exposure?
Stuart: Usurper! Yea, they need, they definitely deserve it.
Gian: Ship of Fools, theyíre not metal but they need attention anyway!

13.What does Satan mean to you?
Gian: Money, loads of it and I want more! No, that was a joke (laughter). Thatís just a corporate joke. Satan is metal, itís having a good time, wearing black, playing metal , taking drugs, getting pissed, shouting, fighting, and thatís COF! So there you go, thatís Satan, call it what you want!
Vulgardemon:Are you involved in the Church of Satan?
Gian: No.

14. Have you read a book called Might is Right by Ragnard Redbeard ? Whatís your opinion?
Gian: Iíve heard of it yea, Iíd like to have a copy of that and I know itís a bit right wing and Iím not politically right wing. Iím neutral, but Iíd like to read it anyway. Have a laugh.

15.What is the ultimate goal Cradle of Filth would have to reach?
Gian: Iíll speak on my own personal idea, everyone has their own dream sin this band and we all mix it together, thatís why we have our own objective. But itís still so individual to obtain. So, Iíd like to play massive venues, like arenas with the perfect sound systems so everyone can appreciate what we probably sound like live. I want a full orchestra, you know, the typical, the blah, blah, blah. The lights, we are a visual band as well as a sonic band.

16.There are KISS dolls!!! How about Cradle of Filth dolls? (Laughs)
Gian: Yea, weíve mentioned that a few times, weíll get some COF dolls made, weíll make the Nick one extra big.

17. Name a few horror films that you love.
Gian: Exorcist, all the Evil Deads, Cannibal Holocaust, all the Italian zombie films, you know all those early 80ís ones. Dracula films w/ Christopher Lee.

18. Any last filthy comments?
Gian: Bullocks, Anal fluid, (laughter), no , anal supremacy!!!!