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Cock & Ball Torture

Interview by Lucifera

1. First of all, why the name Cock & Ball Torture? Where did that come from?
Well, when we started the band we searched for a really unique and awesome name. One day one of us watched TV and saw a report about sadomaso sex-technics and the name COCK AND BALL TORTURE was metioned. And because its a real unique name we decided to take it. It fits totally into our image and nobody will forget if he once heard it.

2. How would you describe your musical torture for fiendz who have never heard your stuff?
I think there are only three words to say: BULLDOZER BONDAGE GORE!! In the beginning of the band we always tried to take the best parts from our favourite bands. But we wanted to create our own style since the beginning so we practiced hard and developed our way of playing music. And I think we can now say that we have our own style cause thereīs no band out there which sounds like CBT!! we use a lot of mosh-parts and catchy "melodies", itīs hard to describe. We also never wanted to be the fastest band on the planet īcoz we think thereīs much more brutality and more aggression in the mid-tempo songs. I think it is easier to check out our new album "sadochismo", after listening to it youīll know what I mean!!! 100% BULLDOZER BODAGE GORE!!!

3. What did happen to Carenal Tomb?
The band splitted up because of some personal problems, really nothing important. So the drummer left the band. Sascha, Tobi and me wanted to play on and so Sascha decided to start playing the drums. Also we changed the musical style, Carnal Tomb was a dearth-grind band and we decided to play something else. And so CBT was born.

4. When you first started to work on Cock and Ball Torture's "CockTales" did you expect such a great response? Did you get any negative response that might have seemed funny or maybe offensive to you?
No, not at all!! It was really cool to see that people like the music we play. Originally we recorded the cocktale songs only for ourselves and for some friends in the scene, it was more a promo MCD. But the reaction to our songs was so overwhelming that we decided to release it as a MCD. So we pressed 500 copies on our own. You have to know that CBT had no name in the scene but the MCD was sold out very fast. And then Shredded Records repressed it. But it is also sold out for a long time now and I donīt think it will be re-released. But the response was great. Although there were and still are some fags out who donīt like that porno image but thatīs not our problem.I really donīt care about these fuckers. Who donīt likes CBT should not listen to it!!

5. Who are you musical influences? What else influences Cock & Ball Torture?
Well, thatīs very simple. In the beginning we were influenced by bands such as Carcass, Hemdale or Gut but nowadays you can say that we are influenced from nearly everything. WE listen to all kinds of music such as rock, pop, electronic music, RīnīB but also grind, deathmetal or gore. I think thatīs very important for CBT cause we want develop. where should come all the inspiration from, only from listening to grind day in day out? Donīt think so.

6. Why have you decided to keep only 3 members for your band? Who does the vocals live, you or someone else? Do you prefer doing drums live?
We are very good friends now for about 8 years and know since the beginning what we wanna do. It is always easier to have three guys in a band than four cause all the decisions are much easier . We donīt wanna have a fourth member ever, itīs perfect as a three-piece!! We always had a guy for the live-vocals but wqe decided to make it on our own. We practiced a lot and now Tobi and myself are doing the vocals live, and I think it totally rules!!!!!!! Sascha only plays the drums when we play live. In the studio Sascha does all the vocal parts, thatīs the situation.

7. What label are you guys currently on? What label are you interested in?
We are now on ABLATED RECORDS ( USA ) !!!!!!! They released our second full-lenght album entitled "SADOCHISMO" and we are more than confident coz we have a real strong promotion and distribution in the United States and also worldwide. We are not interested in any other label now.

8. How did you feel about coming to America for the Ohio Death Fest? Any plans on returning to the state and maybe hitting NYC?
Ohio Deathfest was more than awesome!! We partied a lot and played a real great gig!! It was a killer time in the US and Iīm sure that we will return !!! Nothing is sure yet but we hope to make a tour in spring 2003 including the ODF. And playing in NYC would rule. So we hope that it will happen coz we wanna mosh you guys!!!!!!

9. When will "SADOCHISMO" be available? Could you tell us a little about the concept behind this album?
"SADOCHISMO" is availible since 1 1/2 month now. Just order your copy via or via or ask your local distributor for it!! Thereīs no concept behind the album. We just took the best songs weīve ever done and thatīs it. This album is mandatory!!! A total killer!!!

10. Any last spunky words?
Hope u enjoyed my bad english, hahahah! Anyway, check out our new album, you wonīt be disappointed. Also check out our homepage for info, merchandise and touring information........we hope to get back to the US to kick some major ass!!!!!!!!Stay sick!!!!!!!!

Cock and Ball Torture
c/o Sascha Pahlke
Heinrichstr. 12
83352 Altenmarkt