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Candy Ass

by Lucifera Elena

1. First tell us why you choose to call your band Candy Ass?
cuz we like all the things candy ass means.

2. For readers who have never heard your music, how would you describe it and what inspires your lyrics?
Candy Ass is power punk pop and roll. Think Debbie Harry, The Runaways and a way harder version of the GoGo's. Mostly real life circumstances inspire the lyrics or sometimes it's fantasy stuff that we wish was real.

3. You've been around since 1989, what changes have you seen in the music scene? Do you feel satisfied with the response to your band?
We were all still in Highschool and living in our small shit towns in 1989. Candy Ass formed on NYC's lower east side in 1998, in that short period NYC's music scene has definately lost some of it's steam with so many of our great venues being shut down and the cost of living and rehershal spaces rising etc. However, the bands that fucking love making music are keeping the magic alive and kicking.Jessica I take great pride in being part of the NYC music scene especially alongside other local legends like The Toilet Boys and The Bullys. The response we get to our band is always pleasing and definately good for the ego! Although when you got 4 chicks who ain't scared to exploit the beauty of women you do attract some crazies and those we can always do without!

4. What differences did you notice between the NYC and Hollywood scene?
The major difference besides the viusal aspect is that in nyc bands are rarely competitive and really stick together as a community and a family. I think in NYC you don't think oh if such and such band makes it we won't...fuck there is room for all good music at the top!

5. Do you only have one CD, I've only seen "Orgy"?
Candy Ass also put out a limited edition 45 on outlaw recordings of some of our earlier stuff and ironically tommorow we lay down the first 4 tracks of our debut full length. We will release these four as a promo around valentines day..will be avail on our site and at our shows.

6. Is Karen Curious always told she looks like Joan Jett and how does she feel about this?
Karen hears this alot at the shows, she just laughs.

7.What merchandise can interested fiendz get from Candy Ass?
Baby we got stickers,pins,patches,panties and tees and music. It should be up on the site for fans to view by late winter.

8. You seem to enjoy playing live shows at CBGB's, Don Hills, and Continental. Describe the feel of a live show for you?
Nothin else compares to playin live cuz that is when you see the fans reacting to the music you have created. Weather that means singing along and knowing all the words or rocking out or smiling or whatever, it is the ultimate payoff!

9. What are you goals for Candy Ass? When is the next CD going to be available?
Candy Ass is gonna keep small and know tour the world, be huge video and radio stars, make millions, put out about a dozen albums...basically make the rock n roll fantasy come true.

10. Any last sweet words;)
I acutally do have some sweet last words....fucking make your dreams come true. With hard work (harder than you can ever imagine) and talent and determination and belief in yourself anything is possible. There will be tons of shitheads along the way who think you shine too bright and will try to beat you down..fuck em..leave em in the dust. And if rock n roll saved your soul like it did for the 4 bitches of candy ass than show it by starting your own band or supporting others who do. Live in the dream.