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Interview with Butchery’s frontwoman, April
By Lucifera

I decided to go see some bands at Castle Heights one night, the crowd walked in and out of the small club. Laughing & drinking, waiting for a band to go on stage. I looked around and went inside, walked up close to the stage and watched as Butchery (formerly known as Exuviate) started their set. And there on the stage I caught sight of a fiendess with long blond hair, with a dark tanned skin, and I thought, 'She reminds me a little of Karyn of Crisis.' When she started to sing she displayed the same aggression and madness Karyn unleashes during her set but in this case, the young lady on stage, April, growled to the sound of death metal. Her vocals, deep & brutal, just like the music she loves. If you see her live she’ll shout in your face…."Support DEATH METAL!!!!!" Welcome to "the coming plague".

1.Tell us how Butchery was formed and what inspired you to acquire such a name for the band?
BUTCHERY was formed very selectively. We made sure everyone was on the same level equally regarding the direction in which we were heading. Sam, Doug, Rich, & Eric were jammin together for a couple of years in a band Exuviate. Our Butchery band bio is posted on our website. Rich came up with the name and presented it to the rest of the band members. We came to the conclusion BUTCHERY fit perfect.

2.Have you done any other demos before The Coming Plague? And why is it a one song demo?
As far as Butchery stands. The Coming Plague is our first demo. The Blackest Blood happens to be one of our favorite songs at the time, and it is one of our longest. We just wanted to record something first so people could be aware.

3. April tell us a little about yourself. You seem to be into body building, is that so you can pound some bodies in the pit? Do you mosh / headbang? What other endeavors do you partake in?
I’m into staying healthy & in shape. Working in the entertainment business keeps me positive and when you feel good about what your accomplishing it shows. I just go nuts on stage. I’m in my own world singing with the craziest musicians around. Aside from music I work as an actress and model in films, movies, music videos, catalogs, zines, etc. I’ve also done parts & fit modeling for many companies and done fashion shows and dozens of live promotional work since age 17. I am always busy working or writing & recording.

4. How did you decide you would be a vocalist? Who would you say is the inspiration of your vocal style? Do you play any other instruments?
I’ve always sang in the school concert choir from 4th grade on through high school. I joined a church choir for a year. At age 15, I took voice lessons for a year in which I learned helpful breathing techniques and how to scream without hurting my vocal chords. I was trained by a very talented college music professor, who’s a voice and piano instructor too. I used to sing for my friends at parties & kareokee night clubs. I performed in my own cabaret shows in Manhattan, sang in a cover band for practice playing songs from Rush to Nine Inch Nails, and an all girl rock band.

I just couldn’t find where I belonged. Determined to find a band, I started writing some songs 2 summers ago and tried jammin with a local band called Tribal Essence with Bob Abuse (of Bile) on drums. Still frustrated with the outcome I didn’t give up. Doug (one of my guitarists) was producing fresh songs on a keyboard. He used to bring it over to my apartment & we’d jam out some phat-ass hardcore rap songs. I’d throw down some funky rhymes for fun. Doug heard some I wrote & became familiar with it & invited me down to sing. I said sure as a joke I’ll fuckin do it! It was a cold January night in a storage unit last year. I sang out of a bass amp with a cheap mike. Doug started jammin & I was screamin my face off for 2 hours non-stop. Rich came by, heard what we recorded, layed down some sick beats, blasts, & bombs, & we just clicked.

The inspiration of my vocal style comes from within myself. Some fav bands are VADER, HUMAN REMAINS, MORBID ANGEL, RIPPING CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, GORGUTS, MONSTROSITY, DEATH, MALEVOLENT CREATION, & PESTILENCE. I’ m a classically trained pianist, I love keyboards, I really get off on playing the acoustic, electric guitar, and drums, but vocals are number one.

5. Give us a brief description of your band members?
Eric Sandalic, he played guitar for 2 metal bands before turning into the evilest death metal bassist. Doug Randazzo and Sam Lara are 2 insane guitarists that amaze us with super fast gut clenching riffs, Rich Hervey is exceptionally brutal and his performance is beyond compare which is Butchery’s icing on the cake. Rich is also a talented drawing artist.

6. What inspired the violent song Blackest Blood? Who wrote the lyrics for that song?
The Blackest Blood was written by Doug Randazzo in EXUVIATE. He showed me the lyrics and sang it my own way. It’s about The Coming of the Plague. Violence and murder in schools and everywhere in this fucked up world today.

7. There’s a picture of you in the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds zine with Death Kids, are you neighbors? Have they asked you to do any guest vocals on their upcoming album?
Kenny from the DEATH KIDS approached me regarding the Grimoire Zine shoot. I wasn’t satisfied with the published photo because there were many other better ones. I did it to promote Butchery. The Death Kids aren’t my neighbors. They haven’t asked me to do guest vocals and I have no reason to. They’re not even in the same category or preference.

8. So far, where have you played live? You must have some interesting stories about some of your shows? How do you prepare yourself to perform live? How does the audience react to you?
So far we played live shows at Castle Heights Queens, Voodoo Lounge Bayside Queens, CBGB’s NYC, Dr. Shay’s Amityville Long Island, and Coney Island High, NYC. We’re always psyched to represent the music we believe in and play for our scene. Stubborn sound people, distorted music, and being rushed on first never helped, our fans hand with us afterwards and smoke only the finest green. I prepare myself for shows by rehearsing the set list the night before, I drink lots of herbal lemon tea with honey. I get pumped before the show because I’m in the heaviest band in the planet! The audience is baffled at first sometimes because they hear a guy’s voice. Then after realizing I’m a girl, it seems shocking to them. Our fans are great though, we’ve had good responses.

9. Many guys claim that they don’t know any female in bands, do you think this is due to their ignorance? There are also guys that associate a female in a band as weakness or not raw enough to be metal. How do you respond to this?
A lot of guys are blind to females in bands, and don’t give us the credit we deserve. Guy that associate a female in a band as weakness or not raw enough to be metal is bullshit!!! I‘ve been told by males and females that most male death metal vocalists don’t even sound half as scary as me. So whoever thinks that way can kiss my ass!!

10. Can you name any female performers or bands that you enjoy?
UNNATURAL, DRILL, CYNIC, and CRISIS are some bands with female performers that I enjoy.

11. What is Butchery’s next move? And what can my readers obtain from you?
BUTCHERY’s next move is to record a full length album. We also have a home video on the way, some shirts, buttons, etc. For info on how to get Butchery propaganda, a free demo tape and lyric sheet for The Blackest Blood Email us or write.

12.Do you see a rise in the death metal scene once again? Would you like to see more support within the metal scene?
We hope to keep the Death metal scene alive now that, unfortunately, our good friends SUFFOCATION broke up. Butchery remains the Fastest, Brutal, Extreme, Sick, Insane, Crazy, Technical Grind gods, original Death metal band on the planet!

13. Any last deadly words?
Visit our website. Also a Kool Death Metal show on 89.5 WSOU FM (from South Orange, NJ) Monday night Mayhem starts at 10pm.

PO Box 20
Holtsville, NY 11742