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Bunny Five Coat

Interview with Tammy by Lucifera Elena

Bunny Five Coat is a band from the Iron City of Pittsburgh, PA. that was founded by Tammy and became a full band by 2001. They became popular by playing several local shows. In the spring of 2002 they released their first debut CD "full of estrogen-laced punk rock kick". The band is comprised of several kick as females, they are: Erica - vocals/ Neo - drums/ Rachel - bass/ Rammy - guitar. They independently released full-length “Negative Attention.”

1. Tell us a little story about how Bunny Five Coat got together and where that name came from.
Well, I was friends with Erica for about a year, and friends with our original bass player since childhood, and we got our original drummer through an ad in the paper. I had bought a bass actually, and Erica wanted to sing, but my friend knew bass, and I had originally played guitar anyways, so I went to guitar instead, and then we got a drummer. The name Bunny Five Coat. . .hmmm, it's a secret we'll never tell! But we think it's a little "fluffy" sometimes, which is great to make people think we'll be all very soft and love-song poppy sounding, and then they hear something very different from what they expected.

2. Would you consider yourselves part of the grrrl riot movement?
We aren't doormats, we support and love other female bands/artists, we have our own opinions, and I'm sure some of our lyrics can be classified as feminist - so if that makes us part riot grrrl, so be it. I don't see it as a bad thing.

3. "Negative Attention" is your first release. What kind of reaction have you gotten for your efforts?
We've gotten very good reviews and reactions in general, for those that have reviewed it, for which I am surprised and thankful for at the same time.

4. The lyrics on your album are very serious. What especially caught my attention was the song "Take Care of Me." Could you tell us a little about the story behind each track. What inspired them? Are these personal or things you see around you?
"Powerful" is really just about being cautious of everything that is packaged up to be believable and fed to you, all ready for your immediate consumption. "Sign" is basically about blind conformity, in hopes of fitting in and receiving approval, all at the expense of losing respect for yourself.
"Take Care of Me" is about a girl that is confined by someone - whether it be her parents, a boyfriend, etc. - that doesn't allow her to expand and grow, because of the guilt laid upon her. Someone is trying to hold her back by making her dependent on them, and she doesn't want to take it anymore.
"Sweet Honesty" is sort of about a famous Hollywood-type person that is hiding something, something that they fight all the time in the bright lights and fame not to let out. Some people think it's about Courtney Love. . . .
"Product" is about the packaging and marketing of someone like a Britney Spears, for example. All those "artists" that actually don't create anything, but they think they do, especially because their manager tells them so.
"Better Day" is sort of about how every generation thinks the newer generation can't do anything positive or worthwhile, and vice versa. It's about holding on, and making a difference, regardless of your age or when the fight is happening.

5. Who are your influences?
Oh, a bunch. . . Bad Religion, Ramones, Distillers, Misfits, Dag Nasty, Descendents, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, Replacements, etc, etc. And what bands would you like to play live with if given the chance? Any I probably just said (if they're together that is!), and a lot more. I think a big tour with lots of bands, such as the Warped tour - but not necessarily it specifically - would be a lot of fun.

6. Are there other female punk bands that you admire?
Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, Donnas, almost all of them. What other forms of music are you into? Hmm, I guess some metal – the old kind, not the "nu", and some 70's rock, some glam rock, like Mott the Hoople, T.Rex, stuff like that. I grew up on country when I was a wee one too.
And what do you gals do for fun? I'm pretty busy, and kind of boringly domesticated maybe, but I can say that we have a lot of fun at practice as a band, joking all the time. Our whole album was recorded between laughing I think!

7. Women have been able to be a strong part of the punk rock scene. It doesn't seem male dominiated as the metal scene. What's your opinion of this situation?
I think maybe because punk is more DIY, it doesn't matter your musical ability a lot of times, just pick something up and scream, say and play what you feel. Metal is a little more demanding musically, and maybe some females don't think they can live up to the musical expectations I guess, I'm not sure. Is there anything you would like to see different in the punk rock scene? Just more girls! And more diverse bands playing together, and people actually going to see such shows! And in the metal scene? Same thing.

8. Do you enjoy playing live? Describe a live show for those who have never seen you.
We don't take ourselves too seriously. Even though some of the lyrics are serious, we can still poke fun at ourselves on stage. Erica has a very strong stage presence, that always grabs people's attention.

9. Are you working on any new material and what other goodies can my readers get from you?
Hopefully our line-up changes will be hammered out soon, and we hope to record a new cd in the spring. We've been working on a little bit of new stuff since we recorded our first cd, but hopefully we'll be working on even more new material in the upcoming couple of months in preparation for the new cd. We have cds for sale right now, and free buttons and stickers.