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Interview by Lucifera

In March of 1998, Magnus (vocals/rhythm guitar), Captor (lead guitar) and Evil Pope(bass) joined forces together and formed the unholy speed war band, Bloodthrone.

Some short time later the band went through some lineup changes with its initial vocalists and drummers. The second drummer to join was Mordranok and they recorded the first demo "Marching Towards Armageddon" January 2000. Then in March of 2000 Zephon replaced Mordranok on drums. With the addition of Zephon, Bloodthrone became the strongest lineup to that point.

The band entered Pigeon Club Studio's in Hoboken NJ July 2000 and recorded its first full-length studio demo "Storms of Apocalypse." The band played live with such cult legends as Mayhem and Dark Funeral in NYC. In the beginning of 2001 Magus left the band and was eventually replaced by Demonian ex member of band Disciples of Mockery (NJ) on vocals and Machine on guitar.

1. Tell us about your releases "Marching Towards Armageddon" and "Storms of Apocalypse." Are any of the songs from "Marching..." in "Storms of Apocalypse"? Which song is your favorite from this album? And what is the concept behind your lyrics?
Well, "Marching".... was our first demo recorded with a very limited amount of copies handed out. That was recorded about 3 yearz ago with our old drummer Mordranok. There's really no comparison with "Marching" and "Storms" other than a new drummer (Zephon) and a more technical and faster direction we were looking to go, which we knew couldn't be done with Mordranok. If I remember correctly, all the songz from "Marching" are on "Storms", but when we recorded "Storms", the title track was one of our newest songz. My Favorite song(s) are ... Bloodthrone & Storms Of Apocalypse

2. You must feel a certiain drive to do so many live shows. Are you planning on touring outside the NY/NJ area? What was the most exciting show for you and why?
We're hoping to get out of the NY/NJ area some soon, especially here in NJ since the scene here is very lame. We're hoping to play more showz in the NY area and beyond. In my opinion, the most exciting show was when we played the deathstock in Nov. 2000 with Dark Funeral. The crowd was very into our music, and just hearing them scream for us to play "Storms..." was very exciting to hear knowing that playing NY for the 2nd time and people were there knowing our shit!!

3. Are there any bands that you would enjoy doing a live show with that you haven't toured with already?
I'd really like to play a show show with Amon Amarth. They're really great guyz, and their music is something that I could really get into. There's also Immortal and King Diamond/Mercyful Fate that I'd love to share the stage with.

4. What bands would you cite as Bloodthrone's influences? What is the strongest philosophical view that members of Bloodthone share? Are you pagans, satanists, or anti-christians, maybe a mix of all this?
Our influences range from the metal bands that we have grown up with to what we're listening to now. It has helped us to create our own sound and style that has been heard, but cannot be compared. Our Influences range from Iron Maiden, Slayer, Diamond/Fate, Immortal, Satyricon, etc. Our strongest philisophical view that is shared, we just aim to write music about all the bullshit that is happening in this poor excuse of a world ... War, hatred, shit like that. Pagan, satanist, anti-christian, I am neither because they're all relgionz to me. If it is practiced, than I consider it a religion.

5. What is your opinion on the direction the Black Metal scene is taking? What do you think about the American Black Metal scene?
I think the direction of the black metal scene is making a stronger name for itself more than the death metal scene. The style in my honest opinion is catchier, and isn't as predictable as some death metal out there. I think the USBM scene is making as good of a reputaion for itself as the European Scene. There are a lot of BM bands from the U.S. that are just as good, maybe even better than those from Europe.

6. There were very few women interested in the black metal scene when it first started out and now there seems to be a lot more than ever. What do you make of this? Are there any female bands or singers you feel are worth a mention?
I think it is the coolest thing to see! A female in into Black Metal these dayz. Even though here in NJ where I live, it is extremely hard to find a female that is really into the scene. I'd rather date a woman into the scene because there's more in common to share than that of one who is into the music of untalented bands ( Britney Spears, 'N Sync, etc). Girls, woman, whatever, who listen to that need help *laughs* Female bandz or vocalists worth mentioning ... Hhmmm? None that I can think of at the moment, sorry.

7. What direction would you like to see Bloodthrone take? When can we expect a new release?
We're going to pretty much stick to our roots because we're happy enough to where we don't want to redirect our music. Look for a more intense release with songs full of more blasphemy and rage!

8. Why the change from Bleeding throne to Bloodthrone? And what inspired the band's name? What other bands did the members play in before Bloodthrone?
Well, "Bleeding Throne" started off as the original song title of the first track on the CD, so we decided to go with that as the band name. AS time went on, we got bored of the name, till one day a friend of the band had mentione the name "Bloodthrone" to us, telling us it had more of a meaning to it, so ever since, we've been known as BLOODTHRONE! I was in a few dead end bands since I have been playing: Poverty (cheesy thrash), Alter (thrashcore), Deception (thrash). Captor (Ezurate ... Chicago BM). Zephon: (Necrosis ... BM).

9.Besides black metal. Do you have any unusual hobbies or other musical interests?
Other than BM OR DM, I listen to (not often) some hardcore and classic rock so I do not get bored or need a break from listening to extreme metal. Unusual hobbies? None

10.Do you just wear the war/corpse paint to play live? Have you ever tried walking around in that and what are people's reaction? What significance does it have for Bloodthrone?
*Laughs* Yeah, we just wear it for our shows, and no, I haven't tried to walk around in public with it on. Wearing it now as part of our stage appearance.

11. Evil Pope likes to threaten to throw people out of hotel windows, a threat even this editor had to endure. What's wrong with him? ha ha It also seems that the members barely sleep. How do you maintain yourselves awake?
I threatened to throw you out a window?! Shit! I don't remember that! *Laughs* I guess it was from being extremely over tired since I was awake that entire weekend. ( Friday mourning 10:30 - 4:30 Sunday mourning). That was a long fucken weekend. HAHA! But it was all good. The excitement and the partying is what had me up those few days. Something I do plan on again in the future fests we play.

12. Are you satisfied with Forever Underground Records?
Definitely! They've done so much for us and helped us out the entire time. Promoting us, ect. So, yes, we are satisified.

13. What is studio rehearsal like for Bloodthrone? Do you have any particular ritualistic thing you do before you begin or after you're done?
Practice is practice. We go in jam, write new shit, have fun, drink, whatever! Back in the beginning it was go to Mc Donalds after words, then as time went on, Captor and I headed to AppleBee's for beer and steaks, but I wouldn't call that a ritual. HAHA!

14. What kind of merchandise is available for interested readers?
All we have for merchandise right now is our first CD and t-shirts. The CD is available though Forever Underground, and the shirts through us.

15. Any last demonic words?
Keep the unholy flame of black metal burning high and strong. Till me meet again.......................... And for those who've never heard of us and would like to check us out, visit our website.