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Black Countess of Shadowgate Zine

Interview by Lucifera
1. Black Countess, tell us what inspired you to begin SHADOWGATE zine? And what is the theme?
I started Shadowgate with the goal of giving bands who play dark and original music the recognition they deserve. The smaller bands need to have fanzines to help them get the word of their music out there, I want to help make our underground a strong one. . Shadowgate mostly focuses on BLACK METAL, but I am open to any kind of music that is dark and atmospheric.

2. What is your view of the black metal scene in the USA and Europe?
The European Black Metal scene is, without a doubt, the main area where most black metal bands are from. It is pretty obvious as to why so much attention is focused in this area, the most memorable bands in black metal have been from all over Europe, especially Norway. To name just a few of the many great bands: MAYHEM, SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, IMMORTAL, EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, NECROMANTIA, MOONSPELL, ANCIENT RITES, BEHERIT, HADES, SATYRICON, AGATUS, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, etc. I think there are slowly more black metal bands appearing in the U.S. like ABSU, EQUIMANTHORN, BLACK FUNERAL, SORATH, GRAND BELIALíS KEY, DEMONCY, are leading the U.S. Also bands like SEPHIROTH, PAZUZU, INTO THE SUNLESS MERIDIAN/ SHADOWCASTER are making their mark in the U.S. I really do hope to see more bands in the U.S. rise and make a memorable impression in black metal.

3. What else do you enjoy doing aside from Shadowgate Zine?
When not doing the zine I enjoy listening to music, writing, reading, trying to gather as much information as I can on all different forms of occultism/ satanism, going to concerts, traveling.

4. Do you think it is at all possible to eliminate xtianity and what steps would you take to do so?
Good question, I donít think you can really eliminate xtianity, because there will always be weak people in this world who will follow it, but xtianity needs power to maintain itís control, and it is losing power everyday. Look how hard the xtians are trying to bring back prayer in school, they want control in everything. Satanism is growing everyday, through music, literature, organizations, our message is spreading and reaching. I do wish that instead of bands and groups fighting each other because they may not agree with otherís views, they would work with each other because we all are working to reach the same goal. We are the strong and victory is ours!

5. Where do you suppose the women of the black metal scene are hiding? What do you think of the females of the underground scene?
I really donít know. Iíve never understood why females in the underground are so few. It seems like when I go to a concert, there are not many females that are there for the music, just to pick up guys. I just canít understand why there arenít more more females that are serious about the underground. I know some who feel that the scene is only for the guys, but music isnít about gender! Iím really indifferent as to whether a band is female or male, same with zines, as long as they are serous about what they are doing. However, from the females I have come in contact with, I have much respect for them because they work very hard and are focused on what they do.

6. You usually ask the bands you interview which time in history would they like to have lived in and whyÖwhat would be your choice?
There are many people and places I like to see: visit Catherine DeShayes, Elizabeth Bathory, watch the rituals and practices of the ancient occultists, travel medieval Europe.

7. What are your goals for your zine?
To be able to have a full color cover, have larger numbers printed, and to continue to help out the fand and bands in the underground.

8.Could you recommend five bands and five fanzines for our dark creatures?

9. Any devilish last words?
Eternal blessing to you my sister Lucifera for this interview! May you continue to spread darkness with the future issues of ENDEMONIADA! Hail Darkness and Destruction! Hail Victory!