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Black Mass

Interview with the Evil One by Lucifera

1. Give us a little history of Black Mass and why the band chose that name?
BLACK MASS originally formed in 1987. We released 4 demo tapes ,1 demo CD, & self produced our 1st album 'Cut Your Heart Out for Satan'. In 2000 we gained the interest of Elegy Records & signed with them for the 2001 release of 'To Fly With Demons'. As for the name, we took that from the song "Black Mass" by Destruction. We wanted to create heavy, evil music & the name fit.

2. I wasn't sure what to think of the band when I first saw the pictures, I wasn't expecting the best but when I head the CD I was totally amazed at the great music on "To Fly With Demons". What kind of reactions have you gotten for this release? And how would you define your musical style?
I'd describe our music as a Black Metal/Death Metal Hybrid. We've got rabid fans from both genres. We've been described over the years as one, or the other & both. I prefer to let the fans decide, as no fan of true Satanic Metal has been disappointed.

3. Tell us the concept behind your CD "To Fly With Demons"?
There's not really a concept to the whole album, however the song "To Fly With Demons" is about some of the x-members of the band that couldn't hang.

4. Are you exclusively distributed by Elegy? How did you come in contact with this Elegy and how do you feel about the work he has done for Black Mass?
We're distributed by Relapse, Full Moon,, Red Stream, Drakkar Productions, & alot of other labels/distros. Elegy has given us exposure on a wider scale that we would not have had otherwise, & also alot more direct control over the releases that we would not have with other labels. Overall we're pleased with what they've done, & are signing with them again for the forthcoming CD 'Voices Of Fate' due out in January 2003.

5. Roger J. Beaujard at Primitive Studios worked on "To Fly with Demons" and is working on your new album "Voices of Fate." How do you feel about his work with Black Mass and how did you come in contact with him? Do you like any of their projects?
Roger is a killer engineer for any kind of Metal! We'll never record anywhere else again! He makes the CD's sound the way we had imagined, & he's also a big fan of BLACK MASS, which helps. We first met Roger at the March Metal Meltdown 2000. We played before Malignancy & he caught our set and told us he'd like to record us, so when we were ready to record 'To Fly With Demons', we booked some time with him.

6. What bands influence Black Mass? And what philosophical views are you supporting with these albums? Would you consider yourselves Satanists or just Anti-Christians?
Mostly old school Satanic Thrash/Death, like Celtic Frost, Destruction, Kreator, Bathory, Venom etc. as these were the bands that ruled when BLACK MASS formed. I've been listening to Metal my whole life & it's all influenced me in some sort or another, even if we sound nothing like alot of these bands, the influences are there. Our lyrics are almost exclusively Satanic, although i do use these kind of themes to express my views. I am a Satanist, but i don't really want to "spread the message" through our music, i don't care whether or not the average person on this planet "gets it" or not, besides, if it weren't for the foolish masses the Elite would not do so well.

7. You thank Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. Are you affiliated with them? Which one of LaVey's writings would you say you enjoyed most?
I'm not a $100 member if that's what you mean! ha ha. The Satanic Bible woke me up to so many things, & LaVeyan philosophy is a major reason why I feel the way i do about alot of situations. I imagine that may be what i draw on at times writing lyrics. I believe that if one is not part of the solution, that they are part of the problem, & the sheep of this world definitely fall into that category. We as Satanist's think for ourselves, & the sheep do not, they let the TV think for them. pathetic.

8. Tell us a little about your new album "Voices of Fate." How is it different from your previous release?
The material is mostly new,whereas on 'To Fly With Demons' some of the songs were over 10 years old. The feel is definitely the same though, & the Black "Masses" will not be disappointed. The CD will contain 8 tracks of pure Black/Death Hate!!! The sickest from BLACK MASS to date.

9. You've played a few shows. Where were they and which one was the best?
We've played up & down the east coast with some of the best bands. We've also played a couple festivals & the response has been voracious! We had hoped to do a U.S. tour to support 'To Fly With Demons', but line-up problems & our studio schedule forced us to turn down 2 offers to go out. Look for us again in the new year.

10. What are your sentiments on death metal and black metal? Also, what elements do you like and dislike about European Black Metal and US Black Metal?
There is some really useless shit coming out of both genres. I like what's good, but if it sucks,who cares if they are Black Metal or Death Metal? False=False & that's all there is to it. I think the European fans are alot less uptight than alot of U.S. fans seem to be about what can & can't be "True Black Metal", & the endless shit talking that goes on in the USBM scene needs to stop if any of it is going to be taken seriously, but i guess we have to take the scene as it comes. After all it IS full of people.

11. Endemoniada writes about women in the metal scene. What's you opinion of women in the metal scene? Are there any female musicians that you feel are superb in their style?
I wish there were more women in the scene! & in bands too. I've noticed a better female turnout at alot of shows lately, which can only be good. I like The Great Kat, Dark Faith, & Rain Fell Within to mention a few. Hopefully female interest will only grow.

12. Any last words?
Don't give in to the x-tian LIE!!! 'Voices Of Fate' will be out in January 2003. Most Evil To Date!!! Thanx. Check us out at on the web at: