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Interview with Baron Impurator Abbadon by Lucifera

" The sun fell into the deep dark earth, the angels weep and cry the name of a lost god, a sorrow filled planet and only the ancient winter is forever… Death."

Black Funeral was formed by Baron Abbadon (Michael Ford) in mid- winter of 1994. Baron Abbadon is also known for his infernal project SORATH and DARKNESS ENSHROUD.
Inspired by the infernal metal of VENOM, BATHORY, MAYHEM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM, and DESTRUCTION, they set out to create their version of satanic/ vampyric metal. Their lyrics were influenced by medieval Satanism, Death, Vampirism, Suffering, Sorrow, Hate, Fear, and anti-life, anti-peace concepts.

They came out with hymns of Blackness and War, when they released their debut demo TORTURE AND STIMULATION. It was a demo with raw production and strong emotions. The band members of this grim entity:
Barron Impurator Abbadon- black chants/ bass/ synthesizers/ Satanic writings
The Eternal Nunraper and Shadowfiend- guitar and war axe of witching Hate and Sorcery
Warlord Asmoderic- Dark Thunder and Torment of angels 9.

Welcome to hell!

I. Tell us a little about Black Funeral's lyrics.
My lyrics in Black Funeral are about occultism, satanism, depression, hate, sorrow, different realms, they are very deep lyrics, something of an obscure nature to most. Of course, I won't go into detail. It's up to each person to figure it out, the lyrics are related to my lyrics in the new DARKNESS ENSHROUD ANCIENT KINGDOM.

2.How do you manage to be in three bands ( SORATH/ BLACK FUNERAL/ DARKNESS ENSHROUD) and still have time to write for INTO THE ABYSS?
It is mostly easy… I think doing each band is simple and I've tons of time for other things…

3.Which one of the bands you are in is your most prefered and why?
BLACK FUNERAL and DARKNESS ENSHROUD. Black Funeral and Darkness Enshroud represent me and how our growing legions should be! ANTI-LIFE, ANT-PEACE!

4. Why do you dislike Anton LaVey? What part of the ideology of the Church of Satan do you disagree with?
Anton LaVey and his Chuch of "Satana" have nothing to do with real satanism, at least MY personal way. The part of his ideology I dislike? 99%!! Hissatanism represents goodness, freedom from oppression, life, love, "do unto others" shit, this is christianity in a weaker form! At least christianity oppresses! Anton LaVey preaches atheist ways, they don't believe in Satan, they just use it to put some mysticism in their way to make people interested. I must say I'm not rebellious! This way is me and I've no "normal" feelings for most mortals. As LaVey's writing has no influence upon me, in my lifestyle or thoughts.. humanitarians are very uninteresting to me. (Some of these views change in later years and Baron Abaddon comes to respect LaVey's works.-Lucifera)

5. What is your opinion on the direction the Black Metal scene is taking?
As long as my bands are doing great to my personal expectations- and they are- I don't care about many of the other life metal light bands. Of course, I support some bands, but I know I am 100% of what I say so does it matter? The U.S. is somewhat dead due to trends in all forms, including Black Metal. I also think there are not many real Black Metal bands out there. Mostly freedom, goodness and life metal trying to be evil. I care not for most shit out there! USA wise, I support ABSU (occult metal), GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, ISSACHAR (2 members in prison), and of course, VON, the rest are not black metal!

6. Why do you think there are such few women in the Black Metal scene? I don't know, the only female in a band I support is ROBIN MAZEN of Impure. I saw a new wanna be female in black metal (life) band with an idiot from PROFANATICA. I don't remember the name as it caught no interest so I ignore them- Nothing!!
I will say Lisa Gerard of DEAD CAN DANCE destroys all other female bands I've heard especially US wise.

7. Have you played any gigs and what was your strangest experience?
We do not play gigs, too many idiots.

8.Where would you like to play with BLACK FUNERAL and what other band would you like to partake this dark ceremony with?
I would like to play in Europe, I think? Any true band would do.

9.What direction would you like to see BLACK FUNERAL take?
A huge direction! I want to live off the music if that tells you anything. I ignore these stupid "underground" HC rules that say you should stay totally underground, not sell much, etc. I want to become famous!!
Let us spread hate and Death!

10. You also handle ABYSS PRODUCTIONS, how well is that going along? And what band do fiendz most ask for?
Abyss Productions is doing very well I suppose. The support is growing. The biggest selling items are now DARKNESS ENSHROUD, BLACK FUNERAL, and SORATH. We sell tons of 'zines and BURZUM stickers. Some bands on the Abyss Production Distribution service I don't support, but of course I hail: MUTILATOR ( France), LACERATED GODZ (Germany), BURZUM, GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, MANES, MOLESTED, ABIGAIL, etc…

11.Do you just wear the warpaint to play live? Have you ever tried walking around in that and what are people's reaction?
I wear corpse paint in rituals, it is not some images. I must say corpse paint is not always necessary, and I'm tired of every new band wearing it. In public, as I just dress as I do everyday, in black, and most people give me fearful looks. I don't care anyway.

12. Any last demonik words?
Hail to Shadow Lord Rabu (or is it Ragu or Radu, ha, ha-Lucifera), Count Leon of ISSACHAR, THE PLAGUE, and the INNER CIRCLE OF THE BLACK METAL MAFIA USA!!! They are my warriors and death spreaders. Hail also to BLACK WIDOW, ODIN at MORIBUND, TYPHON of NECROPOLIS, FAWN ALLEN, SENTIS of FULLMOON. Also to you Lucifera.

To find out more about Black Funeral contact Fullmoon Records.