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Demoniaque of Benighted

Interview by Lucifera Elena

1.Tell us the story behind the name of your band?
Demoniaque: Well Dagon and myself came up with the name quite some time ago, he and I were both working in different projects and wanted to start a band together, so we started looking for names. Benighted seemed to fit what we were wanting to do quite well. It means to be overcome by night or darkness.

2. Did you expect such response for your demo "The Firey Blood Moon"?
Demoniaque: No not at all, it had really poor production (an old 4-track porta studio). I suppose a lot of folks looked past that and saw the promise in the material.

3. Tell us about the lyrics behind your first demo. What inspired the lyrics and who wrote them? What about the music?
Demoniaque: I write the vast majority of the lyrics, I suppose itís more or less part of my responsibility as the vocalist, though Zacathus does perform vocally and did write lyrics for one of our songs that will appear on our upcoming album. The lyrics thus far have been focusing mostly on spiritual warfare and inner struggles put through the perspective of different characters, things of that nature.

4. I know you have a side project called Cernunnos! Any other members have current side projects?
Demoniaque: Yes I myself have other projects other than Cernunnos! As well, I believe Zacathus and Dagon have projects they are working with as well though I can't really speak on them just yet for I don't know exactly what they have planned for them.

5.What's the story behind "Harbingers of the Victorium Aeturnus"? How did you come up with such a title and what does it represent for you and the album itself?
Demoniaque: "Harbingers.." is about a warrior king who discovers the secrets of the universe and becomes power mad, he develops an army of elite warriors to destroy all of his enemies only to die and to rule in the heavens as a god-like entity. The title simply means more or less; messengers of the eternal victory.

6. Have you played any live shows? What feelings are aroused while playing live? What was your best show? Where would you like to play live?
Demoniaque: Yes we've played quite a few live shows. Performing live is quite a rush, itís probably the only way you can truly experience your music. Despite all the bullshit one has to go through to put on a live show such as ours it is well worth it in the end, better than sex or being intoxicated.

7. Do you all consider yourselves pagan? What is paganism to you?
Demoniaque: Yes I'm pretty sure everyone in Benighted considers themselves pagan, I myself definitely do. Paganism to me is anything that is ignorant towards Christianity and the likes of any organized religion, any feelings you have spiritual or emotional derive directly from within and not from something you are told.

8. What ghouls do you have for Benighted?
Demoniaque: Ghouls? I assume you mean goals, ha. Our main priority write now is getting this next album out. Then perhaps performing in some places away from the east coast.
(Lucifera: yes that was a type o, shows you where my mind is. Ha ha)

9. What is it like being an American black metal band in North Carolina, USA?
Demoniaque: Boring and interesting at the same time. Here in NC the primary scene is hardcore. Being a black metal band is looked at as being a novelty of sorts. Quite honestly I could care less where I am located because one can always travel where they are appreciated.

10. What is your opinion of the current American Black Metal bands? Is there a movement behind the music? What is the significance of black metal to you?
Demoniaque: I have different thoughts on the current U.S. Black metal scene, I find a lot of the bands focus more on being "Evil Death Metal" than being fluent black metal, not that there is anything wrong with that, itís just not what I consider to be black metal, I feel not all black metal should be about "Satan This, Satan That, Christians Suck" not to say ALL bands are like that, there are a few that keep the flame burning. Black Metal to me is the core of darkness, the darkest form of music, it is the ultimate outlet for things that, to most, are better left unspoken, it is an ultimate expression of the soul.

11. How do you feel about women in the metal scene? Do you get many going to your show and how does that make you feel?
Demoniaque: I by all means welcome the thought of women into the metal scene, we have a female in our band, Adina. I will say there can be the "wrong" women that corrode the scene (Those that have the "Backstreet Boys" mentality) that just go to shows because "Oh that guy is so hot" or "Oh he looks cool" that shit is not welcome. But there are definitely women in the scene that do the name of metal proud. I am by no means saying that there are not men who also have the same sort of mentality or what I like to call "comic book mentality" who buy albums just to have them because they are ultra rare and don't even listen to the material on the record or go to shows just to get autographs so they can be cool.

12. Any last demonik words?
Demoniaque: Hails Endemoniada! Hail Metal!