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Interview and photo by Hail Horror Jose

How long has Antaeus been around?

*** hailz, started around 93, late 93... but it was like "nothing special" at all. just some side project in which I was a bit involved as one of the session vokalist myself. Turned out more serious in 95 and since then, more and more, with all the konfliktz within, it will remain hard to talk about a band evolving that way, all is tensions within our kamp, so we go from "breaking up" to reforming to kickin one member out ... very fucked up and frustrating to be honest.

How would you describe the French metal scene? Would you say its growing or declining? Is Antaeus a fairly well known band in France?
*** I don't care about the french bm scene in general, like anywhere else, it has its very gay partz and some good formations, though out of those "worth being mentioned" individuals, 95% of them are the future backstabbers of yours. So why loose time? I already did loose time in the past helping bands via SPK and I regret it totally, shit talkers, envious characters and backstabbers. That is all I see. Thus I put that aside. Of course I could mention the fact that the scene seems to expand in the way it "should be", but well why spend time in such fields.

People interested should find by themselves, just make sure to check EAL prod, that's all I would say. At least, in years, they didn't change, unlike others. Great individuals, great releases, strong honest work... and most of all, same values I fight for.

Outside of music, what inspires you in life?
*** Music does not inspire me anyway, itz like audio violence to fit my world. As simple as that, I am receptive on Hate, Frustration, Desire, Anger & moods. Pretty much on the starvation thema when it comes to "feelings", seekin more and tryin to understand . Which is nothing easy either. Art gets in general my attention, like structures, buildings (architekturzz), literature (now reading a book that finally getz my full mind aktive, though it is just a simple novel, itz "deeper meaning" seems to be thoughtz provoking in my kamp). I am always in "need" of something, if I lack this need, I guess I'm closer to my own end. Thus "Hate" fullfill the possible lack of energy, and getz the Phoenix to rise again.

You just got signed to Osmose, tell us about how that came about.
*** We were in touch with them for a long time, me being a customer at first in their early days (well being french an them being like pioneers in such kind of xtrem musik and distribution). We sent them the promo mcd when it came out, got a reply from them, they did show some "interest", actually they were the only ones around to say something "positive" since all those french UG labels were saying shit about us, like "antaeus couldn't be on our label since it wouldn't sell at all, blablablabla", anyway, at one point, Herve wanted to release CYFAWS on license since Baphomet had some problems with this release, finally Necropolis did press the cd and all discussions were put on "hold", after some months and numerous problems, we got in touch again, basically over a spk matter more than anta at first, and it ended up like having the discussion of the Anta/Osmose deal. I kept on hearing they were interested, thus I did ask. Now we signed for three cds with them and as of now, we are still in the writting process. All is a bit confused in our kamp due to line up difficulties and money problems. But it shall be solved in early 2002, oh well, it has to be at least a bit better.

Your full length release, "Cut your flesh and worship satan", Tell us a bit about it.
*** Oh well, this cd is like the rekollektion of older releases we never had the chance to aktually get them rekorded in the studio with a steady line up, so since we had like a very low budget, we had to do tracks we knew by heart, so no time wasted in the studio, thus we did choose only old tracks in there apart "nihil khaos" that was nowhere else before (apart one live tape on chanteloup prod (rip now))

Anyway we went there with our budget, realized it had to be done in like a day and a half, so I did add some xtra cash just to make sure all would be ok, since we had tons of shit probz with the sound and the drumkit to put in there, the usual shit that happenz to bands u know... all got done in a rush, had like fuckin 40 mns max to do all vokalz, just in one take actually. Somehow I felt like not payin hommage to the tracks we worked for month on, some parts are missing, especially in the vokal sektionz, and some guitar lines as well, not much, details for others, but for us, we keep on hearin the same thingz over and over. We wish we had more time and a better place to rekord, it was in a crap basement, nearly no heat during the winter... totally cliché I'd say.

Now, I am satisfied with its lay out, Timmo did a great job, Necropolis did also a fine job to have it distributed in some places and did avoid others. Europe didn't get any promo at all I think, just mentionned a bit here and there, we had one review in that "pit mag" in the usa, thatz the only review I know of from a mag or whatever. But since the band never get any infos on whatever, who knowz??? We have no clue, we don't know about sales, we don't know about whoz doing what, we kept asking for some months, just to be aware of how thingz were evolving. All did remain mysterious.

Compo wise, the cd got rekorded in three times, the promo mcd openz the cd, with two trackz, then the studio rekordin with a less good sound compared to the two opening trackz, then a live track "daemon", my way to put an end to this song I hate, "funeral" as ending of the cd somehow.

Is there a particular song you've written, old or new, that you are most proud of?
*** Without any doubt "Blood War III", my ultimate fave, on the SPK Kommando ep. And I also like newer tracks like "wormz on day 6" and "de principii evangelikum". They are the ultimatez for me now.

Most the people we interview, regardless of their location, seem to express negative views on the current world and a dissatisfaction with its governments, etc. Do you have any views on this subject you’d like to discuss?
*** Being honest, I don't have any special "caring thoughts" for social values. I simply don't care, I know that I am not satisfied either, but there's no point in entering a subject like this. Opinions are one thing, acting is another. I have opinions on the matter but won't act since it is NO priority for me. So let's leave that to some others. I don't even care about what they do or plan to do. Just don't piss me off.

And you have a Distro out, SpikeKult Records, please describe it for the uninitiated
*** SPK is dead now, as u might have understand, I did grow bored of all the morons and the idiots (they have to be inbreeds sometimes, I cannot explain this otherwise) involved or supposed to be involved in the scene... We were mostly doing split demos tapes, eps and mcds. We did eps with Arkhon Infaustus, GBK, Diabolicum/Watain, the SPK kommando (with Hell Militia, Anta, Deviant, Eternal Majesty) and mcds with Morthirim, Urgrund, Antaeus... I think we only did one cd, Krieg, Judas Iscariot, Eternal Majesty and Macabre Omen, a very limited split cd. Hard to have it out, but it was well worth the work. At least bands on this split cd never did spit on us, unlike the others...(not all of the others but a majority anyway).

I was also bored to spread SPK and having probz to get at least 70% of the money invested back, so hearin the stupid nonsense everywhere about us, made me realize I'd better fuckin skip doing that.

any last words?
*** hailz to thee for the space given
hailz to our brotherz
all hailz to the sick fuckerz from the usa I did get to meet !
and for the morons, shit talkers and all the fuckin scum, I hope u die.