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Interview with Anghell


Interview with vampiress Hollie by Lucifera

Anghell- A band of vampire ladies that thrashed out the heaviest gothic-inspired rock with attitude. They were original in style. They looked delicate but one listen to their brand of vampire metal and they would shatter that stereotype. Their stage performance had great impact and their theatrical stage show and glamorous appearance placed Anghell among the most creative of bands. They were formed in Detroit by founding member Amy.

The line-up:
Amy- drums
Hollie- guitar
Janet- bass
Andrea- vocals
Their music reflects topics such as individuality vs. conformity, witch-burning as a metaphor for ignorance and fear of women within a hypocritical society, and of course, vampirism. They've played in Michigan, Ohio, and on a cable program in their area called VIDEO UNDERGROUND

1. Why did you choose to mix speed metal with vampirism?
Hollie- We chose to do speed metal because it's what we're into. It's the type of music that we can express our energy and aggression with. Adding subjects like vampirism is just another common interest among band members. Also, we are all quite nocturnal creatures- living in daylight is just not suitable for this life.

2. Are you taken seriously by many fiendz? Who gives you more support?
Hollie- I feel we are taken seriously. We are good musicians, but people also come to our shows because we're wild and we like to have fun. It's a show to get involved in. We've gotten quite far in one years time, so I think that says something about our music. The first time someone sees us, they may be more drawn to the stage presence and see us time and time again because we are a good band, the majority of our audience is male, but we get positive support from both male and female. More and more females are getting involved in this kind of music and that's great. Maybe someday the audience will be equal numbers of male and female.

3. What inspires Angell's lyrics?
Hollie- Inspiration ranges from vampirism to witchcraft to nightmares. We like the mystical , unusual topics, but also have written songs about other things like war and conformity. We co-write lyrics sometimes, but usually one person writes the main parts for one song and then we just work on it into a song. We're each very unique individuals with all sorts of weird wild interests. Inspirations really differ from person to person.

4. What bands have influenced each member?
Hollie- There's too many diverse interests for each member to list. We like everything Death, thrash, metal, pop, glam, showtunes, classical, disco, alternative, basically whatever moves us at a particular moment.

5. What brought the members of Anghell together?
Hollie- Fate brought Anghell together. We all live far away from each other, so we couldn't have met by chance. Amy met Janet at a club filled with hundreds, if not thousands of people. Then I was found through some small zine from Detroit and Andrea was found while wandering around a club in the Detroit area. It's been all uphill from there.

6.Why do you think women get less coverage in magazines and do you think this will change? Hollie- Women get less coverage in magazines than men because there are fewer female musicians. This is changing though, more and more are getting involved. They're showing that they can jam just as good as males do. We're seeing more females in magazines all the time. That's because they're catching up.

7. Have you had any bad experiences while playing live? How does your audience react to you?
Hollie- I can't think of anything really bad happening. I've had an occasional broken string or bad night, but I, like the rest, an deal with it. Things never go exactly as planned, but we just try to keep it moving. Crowds are usually very favorable to us. Sometimes they are indifferent, maybe because we're different than the norm, but they watch just out of curiosity. If someone were to not like us, they have the right to leave-we are not going to please everyone. We don't try to.

8. What do you find most intriguing about witchcraft and vampirism?
Hollie- Things like witchcraft and vampirism are so interesting because they are a mystery, the unknown. We're curious about all things that dabble in the other side. The darkness is like forbidden territory, which makes one want to explore it all the more.

9. Do you all have the same interest and opinions on the definition of witchcraft and vampirism?
Hollie- All of our interests and opinions vary from person to person. I'm sure our perceptions of topics like witchcraft and vampirism are especially diverse. I'm constantly studying, reading and expanding y knowledge on such subjects, so my understanding of these things is constantly changing.

10. What is your insight on the speed metal scene today?
Hollie- Although I do like a lot of music out today, I feel a lot of it will be moving towards something with more energy. Speed metal will never be on the top 40's list, but I feel there will always be a market for it.

11. Does is bother you that guys may not be paying attention to your music but instead are just drooling over your appearance?
Hollie- People may look at our appearance, but it's the music that keeps them coming back to our shows and listening to our tape. I truly believe if you don't have good music, people are not going to come to see you. Our stage show and appearance only accents the music. A show can be both visually, as well as auditory, stimulating.

12. What are Anghell's goals for the future?
Hollie- We want to tour, get signed, make more music, and have fun all the way!!!

Unfortunately, the band did not get that far. They broke up and the members continue to play in other bands, most predominantly, Hollie.