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Interview with Dalkiel by Lucifera

1.Why did you choose the name Algol? What does it mean to the band?
Algol is the demon star in the constellation Perseus, the eye of Medusa. Algol is meant to inebriate a person to the point of unconsciousness, to be a very atmospheric style of art. Something spacey I think was necessary.

2. Give us a brief history of the band. I understand that Brett, of Garden of Shadows joined you on this tour and officially joined the band.
Oh man, we have been through so many member changes. haha. Well the band started in February of 1998 when I called up Sarnath(bass) and said "hey I wanna start a band." So we did it. since then we have gone through several guitarists and drummers. when we departed from Zadok, the drummer on our first full length, we needed someone to drum for this new album we are recording. so I called up Bret, at the time he was the drummer for Garden of Shadows, and asked him if heíd do some session drumming. he ended up joining full-time, which was thrilling for us, we werenít expecting that. and that leads us to now.

3. This description of your band is on your website:
"This art form is made to make people feel comfort in depression and suicide. Feel the darkness and cold, taste the blood and tears, embrace the abyss, Algol is dark Vinnlandic art."
Do you advocate suicide and depression or are you simply being melodramatic in order to express something taboo in our society?

I think that if someone is so moved by an art form that they will go so far as to kill themselves, then I think that the artist has accomplished much. I have always felt this way, and in the last band I was in, the others would let me write in the way that I wanted. So, when I started a new band, I knew that everyone would have to enjoy that kind of art. If someone committed suicide while listening to something that I wrote, I would be in ecstasy. I know that there are a lot of people involved in black metal that state similar views (but generally on a more primitive level) but this is more of an artsy type approach than a "metal" one. I hope that people will understand where I am coming from.

4. How do you see yourselves in respect to the Black Metal/ Death Metal scene?
Algol is not black or death metal, it is art. We all love bands in those scenes, as well as playing with those bands, but do not want Algol to be classified as being a part of any "scene." When I write, I have influence from so many different categories of music, and I really want people to notice these influences. I think that there are a lot of good people in the black and death metal scenes and we need them, but itís just that unlike a good many of the black metallers we have become friends with, we are into other things besides metal.

5. Tell us about your full-length album? What was the concept behind it?
'Gorgonus Aura,' our first full-length, came out about three years ago. Twelvth Planet Records released it for us, so it had nice packaging and whatnot. There is not really a concept behind the album, although there is a little something special in it for anyone who wishes to find out. The album was nothing too special, it was a first album, you know? It is definitely not a good representative of what the new Algol material sounds like.

6. What are your goals for Algol? Are you currently working on any material for a new album or will you strictly concentrate on touring for 2003?
Well, there are thousands of goals we have for Algol. I guess the main goal is to sign with a bigger label than what we were on so we can become more well known, throughout all scenes in music. the new album, 'Vinlandic Evocations of an Anti-Christ', is almost ready to go, we just need someone to back us. I recorded all the guitars, and Sarnath did his bass for the whole album. We totally completed three songs, which is used for a promo to send to labels and give to people for a taste of what our new material sounds like. Bret's drums and some of my vocals will be re-recorded on those songs when we go in to finish the entire album. The promo is not mixed, so it has a very raw sound, which is not what we are going for. This new material is much more emotional for me than the old stuff. It has more atmosphere in it, which I think is something very hard to obtain in a sufficient manner. I tried to be much more versatile with my vocals, and there is a lot of ambient influence in the keyboard lines, which is something I hadn't ventured into before as far as writing for Algol was concerned. I really hope people will feel the passion that I put into writing this material. I think that is the only way to fully enjoy it, like an emotional roller coaster ride. We would like to tour as much as possible, if the label we end up signing with will be able to help us with it. Playing live is important to Algol because we feel like we can put something else into the music that you cant get from a cd, its a totally different experience. I think that it is that way with any good band that takes pride in creating art.

7. You played Love-Sexy in NJ with Black Witchery. How did you feel about the venue, the people there and the your set?
Love-Sexy was pretty cool, very underground. There were quite a few of our friends there so it was nice to see everyone that we cant see all the time. As far as the bands go, Funeral Mask was the band that really stuck out to me. I'm not usually much for a lot of death metal bands, but this band fucking smokes. The distros there had some great shit from sick grind at Will's table to melodic black metal. I had fun, although I didnít get a chance to drink quite as much as I would have liked,hahaha. We would absolutely play there again.

8. I notice that Algol is inspired by a mixture of great bands such as Sopor Aeternus, And Oceans, and Bethlehem. Is there anything you listen to that readers would be surprised to know about?
Hmmm, I think that Sopor Aeternus is quite astray from the taste of a black/death metaller. Anna Varney, of Spoor Aeternus, is my biggest influence in writing. I am into a lot of glitter rock, ambient, and synthpop. Some projects including Sigur ros, Slowdive, Northaunt, Puissance, Lille roger, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Kent, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, etc. Two other inspirations that have made a huge impact on my writing are the movies Velvet Goldmine and Hedwig and the Angry Inch as well as the soundtracks that go with them. I know that anyone who has seen these movies probably already has a opinion about them. To me, along with Sopor Aeternus, Midvinter, ...And Oceans, and Bethlehem, they are the most brilliant works of are ever created. I think that it is very important to have a broad horizon of influence when writing music and lyrics. You can express different emotions that maybe raw black metal, or faggy glitter rock alone canít create. I would recommend these bands and whatnot to any writer.

9. Being a US band, what is it that inspires you so deeply about the Vinlandic ideology? What are you drawn to in particular?
All I want to comment about that is, we study Vinlandic history. Algol has been labeled a 'nazi' band in the past and probably still now. That is far from the truth. The European Viking history is our heritage and we want to be aware of where we came from. Anyone who still wants to call us NS or nazi can die a very painful death. We have nazi friends, as well as, friends of other races than our own. Shit, our fucking manager, Kyle, is a black dude. Enough said.

10. What kind of merchandise do you have available? Where are the Algol baby tees I've been waiting for? (ha ha)
We have the first album for sale, as well as stickers. There are two new shirts on the way, and yes we want to make baby tees for you ladies haha, and of course the new album. There is also talk of Algol lighters, mouse pads, and other such merchandise, so everyone keep your eyes peeled haha. You could order stuff straight from us by emailing Our website address is Check it out.

11. Endemoniada's main theme is women in the metal scene. Do you see a change or rise of women in the scene? How do you feel about this and are there any female artists you enjoy?
I think itís absolutely brilliant that women want to be more involved with the scene. We have a few friends whom are women and are in bands. I hope they start to show up more, and I hope this zine keeps growing. I listen to bands like Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Theater of Tragedy, even Bethlehem had some female vocals. I think that the operatic female vocals have to be placed right, but I think that goes for anything in music. Rock on ladies!

12. Any last words?
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to be in your zine. Algol hails all supporters, and smites those against us. Algol shalt remain betwixt sadness and disgust. Past.