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Interview with Martina Astner
by Lucifera Elena

Alas, a beautifully depressive musical project that blends artful metal with operatic vocals. And with such an impressive line up:

ERIK RUTAN - Guitar/keyboards

It's hard to resist at least hearing some of this to quench your curiosity. Alas is currently on Hammerheart Records and they have released an album aptly titled "Absolute Purity".


How did you come up with the name Alas?
Erik got the word ‘alas’ from reading Edgar Allen Poe’s poems. The word alas is primarilly used in old English.

How did members of Alas get together?
Erik and Howard have been friends for many years, so Howard was the drummer from the beginning. Erik and Scott have also known each other for a long time from the band Ripping Corpse. Scott’s a great bass player so he finally joined the band. Erik and me got to know in Poland at a metal fest. Erik was looking for a singer, I liked the music so we started working together. We’re all happy that it finally happened because we’ve been working for this for a long time.

What other hobbies do you have?
For all of us our greatest hobby is music. I think Erik doesn’t have much time for any other hobbies for he is playing in three bands. I spend all my free time with my family, which is the most important thing in my life.

Any shows coming up we should prepare for?
Alas will definitely do shows, we can’t wait to perform the songs life. My personal goals for alas are to do a lot more records in the future and to reach a lot of people with the music of alas.

What is a typical day in the studio like for Alas?
A typical day…. Being at the studio was basically working hard all day long…. we all had this vision on our minds of how the album was going to sound like, so we did our best to reach that vision. Which I think we did…

What's your opinion of the underground metal scene and women in this music scene?
I think the underground scene in general should get more support. There are a lot great musicians that never have the chance to brake thru…

I just can tell you my personal view – I don’t know if this is a female view of the music scene… anyway it’s not easy… it’s difficult to find out who you can rely on or not, who is your friend and who is back stabbing… I’ve met people that didn’t treat me with respect and I’ve met people that did…I don’t know if this is so because I’m a woman. I personally want to be treated with respect because I treat others with respect, not because of a certain sex.

What gave you the desire to start singing?
I think in my subconscious I've always known I loved singing and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. That I really became what I am now was more like a natural development: I sang in the school choir, joined my first band with 14, had other bands, got a contract, did tours…what I want to say is, I never actually thought about all this, it just happened.

Any last words?
Thanx to those who discover Alas´ music – see you on tour!