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Adventures with Endemoniada Daemons

by Lucifera

After getting a taste of booking MASTEMA at Downtime/Batcave, I spoke to the fiendz of Endemoniada and we decided it would be worthwhile to book a couple of shows to introduce issue #7 of Endemoniada. Everything worked out quite well. First, we did a show at SANCTUARY in Queens, NY. This was not a great show since at first we couldn’t find the damned place, it was somewhere out there next to Dixie Stable!?! We had the address all screwed up and even the bandz got there late.

Amazingly enough ABAZAGORATH of New Jersey, got there to play to a small crowd of fiendz. But they were surely a band to check out live! Unfortunately, ABYSMAL MALEVOLENCE and EVOKEN didn’t get to play because according to the manager of the club, they were too late. Honestly, they had plenty of time to play, the manager was just being a pain in the ass. So, after a while, BLOODFALL bombarded the stage to a crowd that by now was hungry for some action. Our reviewer, Vulgardemon, was the lead singer of this energetic outfit. The crowd went crazy and let out all their aggression when this band went on stage.

After Bloodfall, came some grunge band that was supposed to play a show after ours so they were smacked in the middle of our set. They were an all girl band but I don’t have the slightest idea who they were, well, they weren’t a band I’d investigate further into anyway. After the grunge boredom came FALLEN CHRIST, they hit the stage with a new drummer, and went through a series of technical difficulties but continued to play. They did some new songs and a cover of VENOM’s At War With Satan that totally kicked ass! After that we made our way out of that hillbilly hellhole and back to the violent city we so adore.

It was a cold and windy night outside and the moon was full when we went out Sunday, March 3rd (1995 ?). We entered a small bar/club called THE SPIRAL, in downtown, Manhattan, NY. This was our second show since Endemoniada #7 came out. The Witches (Blacky and Xastur), Vulgardemon, Satana, and I found ourselves among familiar faces and curious ones.

The first band on stage was EVOKEN of New Jersey, who left me mesmerized with their doomish style of music. They have a CD out, check out INFERNAL NOIZE (music reviews) for more information. Later came ABAZAGORATH with corpse paint, goat horns, and an atmosphere of evil, they did great considering they had technical difficulties. The beginning of a mosh pit greeted their devilish music.

After Abazagorath’s curse, VRYKOLAKAS went on stage and had the crowd in bewilderment, it was great, I could see fiendz enjoying themselves in the pit. Shortly afterwards came ABYSMAL MALEVOLENCE ripping through the night with the fury of their infernal noise. A fight almost broke out amidst the mayhem but fortunately things didn’t get to the point. For a fight to break out then and there would have ruined the night for all the bands and those who went to enjoy the show. It’s not easy booking shows, managers and owners are reluctant.

All settled, then we were faced with BLOODFALL, that’s when insanity broke out, many fiendz all of sudden became immensely energized…as if possessed, it was beautiful. You should have been there! Bloodfall finished their set with BLACK SABBATH’s Paranoid. Afterwards, although FALLEN CHRIST had to cancel, we did get a grindcore band named HEAD TRAUMA, with lead singer Eddy being the comedian for the night.

I would like to thank all the bands that played these shows FALLEN CHRIST, BLOODFALL, ABAZAGORATH, HEAD TRAUMA, VRYKOLAKAS, EVOKEN, ABYSMAL MALEVOLENCE, and the bands I booked before this DEATHRUNE, MALICIOUS ONSLAUGHT, & MASTEMA. Mastema was the toughest band to book. All of those fiendz that showed up to our madness, we really appreciate it, thanx a million! Until the time comes that we unleash the hellhounds…SHEMHAMFORASH!